The First Chapter: The Begining

Erik Potter:

It had been 2 days since Elizabeths death.  I was kind of shocked by it.  Rumours were going around school, all different.  There were some that she had chugged bottles of proscription bills, others that she hung herself and others that she jumped off a building and splatted all over the sidewalk.  I didn't know what ones to believe; there was no truth.  I trudged home, starring at the ground.  I approached my small blue rancher.  I swung the door open and threw my backpack into the chair we kept in the corner.  My mom left when I was little, and my dad was a mechanic and was at work.  That's when I first saw-- wait let me rephrase-- encountered it.  I stubbed my toe on a brown thin package.  I picked it up, all that was written was my name and mailing address no return address. I was a little confused about this but I opened it anyways as I walked down the hallway to my room and shut the door.  Inside as a plain black notebook.  I opened it up to the first page and drop it straight on the floor as the taunting words starred back at me.

'My name is Elizabeth Taylor Williams.  I am 14 years old.  I died November 6th, 2009.'  

What the hell was this? Was this some sort of sick, twisted joke? I felt like I was going to be sick.

I read the page.  I didn't want to read it at all.  I turned the book over and looked at the back.  I was first on the list.



Hello there.  If you're still reading this great.  Your probably wondering what you have to do with this and such.  Continue reading and you shall find out.  You see all of you contributed to my death.



What?! What the hell is this? How am I responsible for her death? 

I was to curious so I continued reading:




You see you all have contributed to my death.  The first story starts in the first year of high-school.  Erik, you're first.  You were my very first high-school crush.  I saw you for the first time at your locker.  I felt sick that day after dissecting cow hearts and wanted to go home.  You were late for the class and you were at your locker rushing to pull things out.  I walk  by you in a hurry.

"Hey." You said though, "Your Elizabeth, aren't you? we have science this block together. Where are you going?"

I stop and turn around and face you, "Were dissecting cow hearts so I'm faking sick to go get something to drink instead." I lie a complete lie, but I had to.

"Well since were dissecting cow hearts let me escort you to get a drink." You said shoving everything back into your locker.   



Yeah I remembered that day. Plain as day.  It was fun but yet oddly embarrassing. Did I really want the other people on the list to know this?



"Well since we are dissecting cow hearts let me escort you to get a drink." You say shoving everything back into your locker.

we each got a soda and sat down in the courtyard.  We sat there talking for a while. Then you looked at me at the same second I looked at you-- WAIT! corny and so not what happened! rephrase!-- You looked over at me oddly and I caught it out of the corner of my eye.   I looked at you and smiled.

"What?" I asked. Thats when you came in and planted on smack on my check.  It turned into a complete make out.  Some one cleared their throat then making us both jump.  I looked up and saw Katie Larter standing there.  Great, just great. Erik, I'm not mad at you for the kiss, it's what you did after.  You ignored me and acted like I no longer existed on this planet anymore. And worse you let the rumours get worse about me. Know right now you might be thinking what does this have to do with my death. Well you will just have to keep reading. Cause everyone on the list contributed to my death in someway or another. This brings me to our next contestant Kaite Larter 



This was stupid.  Some stupid prank.  I'm not sending this to Katie, it's pointless.  I read on though. Soon I was hooked on this little book as if it was a drug.  I finished it as the sun came up over the mountains.  That's when I ran downstairs and pulled out the brown packing paper.  I re-wrapped the gift put Katie's mailing address on it and left mine off it. I sent it to her through the mail on my way to school.

The End

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