The MorningMature

My bed was warm, finally comfort in my time of need. I just need sleep, time to clear my head of everything that happened. And I fell asleep.

The dark water rushed from the shore to the moon. Back and forth in tune with the time of the world. It was swallowing the land, eating everything up in its wake. My feet in the water slowly engulfing me. The water began to take me, take me to a world and free my soul. Free me from this mess of life.

I woke up with a gasp, like I was out of air, the water still in my lungs, but it was peaceful. “Shit, I work today.” I slid to the edge of the bed. It was 2P.M. I worked at 3. My head was pounding I didn’t want to get up I needed to kill this headache. I walked into the kitchen and took a swig of milk, expired. I gagged and spit into my sink. “my life…” I grabbed my bottle of prozac and popped 4  capsules into my mouth. I stood up and grabbed my glass from last night and swallowed my meds, my poison.

The End

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