The Restless night (Chapter 2)Mature

I didn't know where to begin, what should i do? I sat down and tried to collect myself. “Okay, I'm not hurt in anyway, mentally maybe i’m pretty sure I saw a dead body.” That was never something I wanted to see. Thats somthing that is going to scar my mind forever. It wasnt even a body, it couldn't be. It was unrecognizable, just a bloody mess. I gaged just thinking about it. I didnt want to think about it but I had to. “I dont want to go back, i dont want to go back.” But I just had to the curiosity alone would kill me my mind wouldn't let me sit idly by and forget about this, this room.

I found my bed and sat on the edge of it. I cupped my head into my hands and slowly rolled back into my bed. “No sleep tonight.” I closed my eyes and bounced my leg, my room gets cold during the night, I was freezing. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and slowly got up. “I’m cold, i'm tired, and i'm scared. I just want to go to bed!” I walked out into the kitchen and grabbed a glass out of the sink for water. The cool liquid filled up the cup and I tossed it back with a quick gulp. I walked over to the bathroom and started the shower, i turned on the hot water all the way and turned the fan off. I liked when it would get foggy. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and rolled my head back. I sat for a while bathing in the mist coming from the shower. I turned the heat of the shower down and stepped into the stream of water. It helped me relax a bit but my head was still on fire with all the thoughts running through my head.

The End

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