The NoteMature

A short story about dark and mysterious things.

I feel as if writing this out will not do. It has haunted me for far too long. No one should have see what I have seen. The dark reaches of the night, what lurks in the shadows. It's not natural. Everything that you once knew to be true is a lie. Their is no god just a ruthless devil waiting to dine on a feast of sinners souls. Their was a god but he has died long ago. We live in a dark time now nothing is as it seems. You must keep your eyes open or they will get you. They will find you, they always do. This is a warning for whoever find this note. Run away, hide and be happy do not continue on, what lies in the room in front of you will haunt you forever.

I didn't know what to do. This letter had warned me of the consequences of entering that room. My curiosity drove me forward and as I entered the room my heart sank. The smell, it smelled of blood and piss. I gagged as the door slowly closed behind me. Candles lit the room, an eerie glow of yellow on the walls. In the middle of the room their was a pentagram drawn in blood. The bloody mess in the middle was far from recognizable, this was the thing the smell was emanating from. I staggered backwards and reached for the door. I ran out of there as fast as I could. Cursing under my breath, damming my own name for even considering going to that god forsaken place. I ran and ran tasting bile that was rising in my throat, I couldn't breathe but I still ran. I was a block away from my apartment when I couldn't go anymore.

I leaned on a brick wall and gasped for the air that That I was not finding. It didn't get into my lungs fast enough, I was in shock, shaking I didn't know what to do I had to tell someone. The feds wouldn't believe me, they would throw me up on the 4th floor psych ward if they heard my story. I didn't want to go back to that house but I knew I just had to, someone else needed to know, someone to share the pain and fright that I had just experienced. I just needed someone to comfort me, I felt as if I had just crawled up from hell. It wasn't just that damn pentagram it was the whole room it felt alive as if the walls were made of flesh. The room had a stink about it, wet almost humid. The room had a taste and it was horrid, the smell, although it didn't reach me at the time, filled my nose and still would not leave.

I caught my breath and began to slowly make my way back to my apartment. The night sky was staring down at me. It was dark now the street lamps shining onto the pavement. It wasn't completely black but the sun was dropping rapidly. I collected myself as much as i could. “deep breaths just like the doctor told you to when you were about to have a fit.” I was shuddering not really comprehending what just happened, had anything happened. That room it was not normal but what had it done to me? I could have just forgot about it couldnt i have? I wish I could have, but thats not how it works. I made my way to the door of the apartment complex. It’s a secure apartment  Curiosity is one hell of a bitch and just when I began to clear my head of the damned room I began to wonder. Their had to be more to it, I can't just leave it be.

The End

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