Synnful Demon

The Not so Synnful Love story page 2


SynnaDai walked down the halls like she owned the place. No one bugged her, and she enjoyed that. People knew that if they messed with her, a twister of destruction would come their way. Even the principal stayed out of her way, most of the time.

            The demon looked into the office. There was only one lady at the desk, and fortunately it was the new hired secretary. So SynnaDai walked in, “What may I do for you?” The secretary lady asked.

            “The principal called me in. Should I just head over to his office?” She asked, rolling a goody good tone off her tongue.

            “Of course you can,” the lady smiled, “Just don’t touch his stapler, he hates it when people touch that.”

            “I would never do such a thing.” SynnaDai smirked, and stepped over to the office. She was lucky; the principal had already gone away.

             SynnaDai closed the door, as a rat scurried across her feet, “Chips! How was your mission?” SynnaDai called, as she reached for the rodent.

            Before laying a hand on her pet, she smelt a sweet scent. The principal had received but another gift. A nice plate full of cookies, and to go with it, a little bit of fudge.

            “Oh, how kind,” SynnaDai gratified, as she sat in the principal’s cushiony chair, “Somebody knew I was going to show up today. I didn’t even suspect this.” She mused, and took a cookie, shoving the entire thing into her mouth, but spat it out before taking a bite.

            “Oh, how kind?” She questioned again.

            “Was it really that obvious?” A voice came from above her.

            SynnaDai looked up at a man, sprawled across the ceiling, “People have been after me for years now, do you think I would be stupid enough to eat out of unsealed products.”

            “Maybe,” the man grabbed the fedora he had on his head, jumping from the ceiling, he landed in a sort of bow, “Hello demon. I am here to capture you.”

            “You can try.” SynnaDai snorted.

The End

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