Do I really Synn a Day

This is a sort of cute, comedy, love story, with the touch of supernatural, magical junk. It is all clean, and has no mature content.

A Not so SynnFul Love Story


            SynnaDai smiled her dark grin, as her teacher began to open the drawer to his desk, “Wait I should warn ya teach,” She raised her hand, “I am going to play a prank on you, so you better watch your back.”

            The teacher blinked a few times, and looked back down to the drawer, where a greasy old rat was chewing up his role call. He jumped and moved his hand away, “SynnaDai, do you even care about citizenship, or kindness by that manner?” He yelled at her.

            She stared bleakly, and after a few heart beats, stood up, “And do you even care about shaping me into a better, more sophisticated student? I mean I’ve been a Trickster for four years of my life now, you’d think at least one teacher would be able to calm a demon such as myself.”

            “Do you understand what consequences you-”?

            SynnaDai cut him short, “Do you, teach understand,” She grabbed her notebook, and walked to her teacher, showing him the pages, “the art of not taking notes. I enjoy drawing pictures, it is much more entertaining.”

            “Notebooks are meant for-“

            SynnaDai interrupted him again, “Teachers are meant for teaching, and making student more responsible. Correct, Teach?” She headed back to her desk and grabbed her stuff.

            “Where do you think you’re going?”

            “Ditching. I need to make sure my prank for the principal succeeded.”           

            The class rolled their eyes at her. Nobody really liked SynnaDai, nobody could tame the demon, of her terrible ways. She knew that everyone thought her annoying, but they were also terrified of her, and she didn’t really mind. Friends betray anyways.

            “You stay in this classroom or else!” The teacher yelled, slamming a ruler.

            “Or else what, beating your student is illegal now teach. Get with the age.” SynnaDai gave one last toothy grin, before she strode out of the room, and towards the principal’s office.

The End

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