Cara had access to several of her husband's credit cards - without them she would never have met John. She had bought tickets for Swan Lake Ballet for her and her husband, but he called her with half an hour to spare to say he would be late at the office and she would have to take a friend instead. The memory would be bitter in her mind if it was not sweetened by what had happened next, for standing helplessly in the lobby, she caught the eye of a dark haired young man who was going to change her life.

He was a few feet taller than her, with straight brown (almost black) hair and lightly tanned skin; he looked as if he could be Italian. What his original excuse for coming over was Cara couldn't remember, but his chocolate eyes penetrated her like no-one's ever had before.

That night had been two weeks ago and they had seen each other twice since, stealing kisses in the dark of the theatre or walking around the great lake in the west of the park.But tonight the kids were staying at their grandma's and husband was away - it all seemed too perfect. She hadn't had sex since she had the twins three years ago... could John be The One?


His voice caught her by surprise, as did his strong hand on her shoulder - trying to suppress the bubble of happiness rising inside her she rose from the bench she had been glued to for the past 25 minutes, pushed her Gucci sunglasses back onto her hair and flashed him her most appealing smile:

"I've been waiting for you."

What she saw took her by surprise.

The End

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