The Noose, pt2Mature

Sitting down to dinner, there was very little said. Mam would ask us what we did today and we’d just reply with simple one sentenced answers. I felt bad that she’d make an effort to make a conversation and that, myself included, they would do very little return it, but I couldn’t get the words to my tongue so I just half minded ate my dinner.

After clean-up, I headed straight up to my room and turned on the stereo and began to draw in my sketchpad. I never really plan my drawings. I just put pen to paper and see what happens. I usually end up scrapping the drawings for too many imperfections or flaws. Too few would be good enough or pleased me enough for me to stick them up on my wall with my band posters. I started to draw some dragon type creature before changing page due to its badly proportioned head. I did the same again, this time with badly placed wings. I continued this for some time to pass, drawing and tearing, drawing and tearing. All the while the music would vary erratically as it was on shuffle. There’d be a few minutes of nu-metal and then another couple of minutes of electro-indie. I enjoyed most forms of music, say for pop and R’n’B, that said I did enjoy the occasional song from both.

After about an hour of drawing and tearing, I finished a total drawing and surveyed it with a small grin. I closed the sketchpad and tossed it into a corner with a pile of sheets, a mixture of drawings and sheets from school.

Looking at my watch I took out my mobile and started to text a few friends, asking casual questions and having random pointless conversations about odd things. This went on for a few hours as I listened to my music, drowning out the sounds of anything outside these four walls. Mam was most likely calling up to turn it down, but I remained oblivious to even the regular horns coming from the not-too-distant battleships down in the harbour, and I was enjoying the blissful ignorance in my own little world.

Fire engulfed the world around me and I watched the homes explode into shards littering the sky. People ran through the streets, their bodies slowly being consumed by fire. I watched as children, men and women alike fell to the ground screaming in such agony that I could almost feel my own skin burn. I looked out to the harbour and the battleships were no longer valiantly patrolling the sea but were instead all but remnants of broken steel. The harbour dirty with corpses afloat in the water, slowly being carried out by the tide. The rocket launcher was firing in every direction, almost looking confused and not knowing where to fire or what to fire at.

The sky was pitch black and the clouds were alive with fire that danced from cloud to sky as even the sky itself burnt. Shadows chased people in the dark streets, latching onto them and ripping them apart painting the road in a deep crimson colour. No one was spared. The shadows killed everyone. People ran up the headland, trying to escape to anywhere that didn’t burn, but as they ran up the hill the very ground beneath them burst open and more of the shadows poured from the crevasse and slaughtered anyone and everyone that they could get their claws on.

I watched in horror; unable to move, unable to scream and unable to help.

I yelled and sat up lightning fast, sweat running down my forehead. My breathing was heavy, like I had just resurfaced from a pool of water. I looked around, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark. The music had been off for hours. I brought my hands to my face and sighed deeply.

“Just a dream” I whispered to the dark room, “Just a dream”.

The next morning was not a good one. The roof was alive with the irregular beatings of the rain pouring down from the sky. There was no sky to be seen, just a dull grey ocean shadowing the earth that was the sea bed.

As I ate my breakfast I was trying to think of how I was going to spend the day. I knew it would be doing nothing, but I still had plan how I was going to approach doing nothing. Mam came downstairs and told me to clean up the kitchen before I even considered going anywhere else.

As I filled up the dishwasher, I really couldn’t have expected what happened next. The ground shook violently all of a sudden without a warning and the most unearthly sound had come with it. It shattered every window in the house and the light bulbs burst instantly. The sound could only be described as if the sky itself had just torn in two and the earth following suit. I fell to the ground screaming, covering my ears and head as everything around me fell to the ground and shook so immensely I thought it could be heard far away in space. I couldn’t hear my own screams or the windows burst. Everything was drowned out by the destructive roaring. I could feel my ears screaming in protest, unable to handle such a degree of sound. The ground beneath me felt like it might just smash right out from under my feet.

The roaring quake stopped just as quickly as it had begun.

For a few seconds I didn’t move a muscle. I stayed curled up into my knees; afraid to move. As I stood up gingerly, there was dust floating everywhere, glass scattered across the counters and floor. There was a loud ringing noise in my ears which stung until it slowly faded away. I walked into the hall and out the front door.

Car alarms were going off everywhere, people staggered out of their homes, waving their arms in the air pushing away the dust. Then I saw it. By the looks of the frozen people in the streets, so had they.

The headland was gone, as if a monstrous creature had taken a bite out of the land. The rocket launcher, the hills, the cliffs and the bunkers; all gone. Smoke billowed from the sea which crashed against what was left of the land, which was nothing more than a sheer cliff-face. The grass around the lip of the newly formed cliff was burnt and singed. I looked at the disaster in total awe. How could something that had been there for hundreds of thousands of year disappear in just a few short seconds? I wondered what had done this and how big it must have been to do such a thing and to create a sound that was even devastating.

I looked to the harbour and the battleships were leaving the port, trying to find what had done this. Obviously no one had caught sight of what just happened. I heard my phone ring in my pocket and I answered it. “Timmy?” the girls voiced asked, there was a panic in her voice.

“Yeah, it’s me, did you hear that!?” I spoke down the phone, putting my hand on my head, still trying to comprehend what had just occurred.

“Are you serious!?” she shouted, “The whole world would have heard that! The-there’s glass everywhere and-and the dogs barking like mad” she stuttered, “What happened over with you? We can see the smoke over here, Dad’s driving us all over there now and he wants to see it”.

“Calm down Bróna, calm down, everyone’s OK here” I reassured her, “But you have to see this to believe it”.

The End

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