A Glow in the Dark

There is nowhere else to go once you hit rock bottom. Despair is a lonely place even if it has been a lifelong friend. He sat in the darkened room oblivious to the shadows created by the streetlamp. Heels clicked on the pavement outside his bedroom window, a muted voice and then a deep throaty laugh. To his ears, the sound emitted was strange, almost unrecognisable. He couldn’t remember the last time he had laughed.

Out of the corner of his eye, the red eye on his cell phone blinked. He was reluctant to answer it, not wanting to let the world in. He felt protected in his miserable dark cocoon, more familiar and less vulnerable.

The incessant blinking would not be ignored. He reached for the phone, hesitating for only for a fraction of a second and pressed the square button.


That simple two-letter word moved him slightly off the rock. His heart sang. He acknowledged it was a tentative move on her part. It dawned on him that he could not let this opportunity go. There was nothing more he could lose. His fingers shook as he typed back a reply.

He held his breath as the seconds ticked by waiting for her response. Everything depended on that blinking red eye. There it was again. He smiled. 

The End

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