The Twenty-First Chapter!

Using the speedboat, our intrepid adventurer had finally made it to a safe place, or so it seemed. Currently, he was having trouble navigating the highways of a certain big city.

His job would have been easier if he wasn't still in the boat.

"Get off the road!" yelled the people behind him, amid the honking of their cars.

For the fifth time, Jack stopped rowing  (the motor had broken down after an hour of on-road travel) to look at the signs.

You are now leaving Annietaun, Randomstaight, Kuntrywithbadspelling, they said.

Briefly wondering where "Leaving Annietaun" was, Jack started rowing again, starting his journey down the road.

Next to him, a rather small snail was slowly but surely getting the lead on him.

His oars screeched against the hot tarmac. Suddenly, on the horizon, a car appeared. It looked like a Dodge Charger, except it was covered in a layer of rust. The front bumper was decorated with spikes several inches long, as was the rear bumper, and the wheel rims. Whoever looked at it got the strange feeling that these spikes weren't purely aesthetic.

It appeared to be heading towards him, but Jack reasoned that it would probably turn into the other roads in between them.

It didn't.

The car smashed into the side of his boat, panicking the other highway users. They immediately jumped out of their cars and ran to the nearest 7-11 to watch the carnage unfold.

Jack was caught in a vehicle battle with this madman!

The madman's car turned around and charged at him again. Jack grabbed one of his oars and slammed it against the ground, pushing one side of his boat off the ground, and balancing on the other side, narrowly avoiding the car.

The side window of the car opened, and an arm came out, holding a gun. The man fired his gun several times, punching holes into Jack's boat.

No time for duct tape now. Jack deflected several of the bullets with his oars, and started rowing towards his enemy with newfound strength.

Screech, screech, his oars whined, slowly heading towards the car.

He was almost halfway of a quarter of the way there when the car started again, trying to run him over for the third time in as many minutes.

Jack anticipated this, and raised his oars. He smashed it into the windscreen of the car, cracking it. The car swerved, the driver unable to see through the cracks.

While it was still driving, somehow missing all the abandoned cars on the highway, the driver took his feet off the accelerator and kicked at his windscreen frame.

The window came off, and he could see clearly now. Unfortunately, his car took the opportunity to smash into another car on the highway, sending him flying through the space where his windscreen had once been.

He landed conveniently on a flying hot-air balloon somewhere in the sky. After throwing the previous owner off of it, he turned to face Jack.

Jack could see him clearly now. He was wearing a long-sleeved leather jacket, with one sleeve cut off, and leather pants.

"We'll meet again, Jack!" He boomed, his voice somehow reaching Jack from the sky.

The End

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