The Twentieth Chapter!

(Author's Note : Twenty chapters in my beautiful (To me, anyway) tale! Now I just have to do that five more times and I'm gold.)

"Wait a second," Jack said, confused. "It's the twentieth chapter? Already?"

"Of course," the narrator (real life Jack) said.

"So, assuming it takes around five minutes to read each chapter, you just wasted an hour and a half of a whole lot of people's lives?" Jack asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Hey, just because you don't like getting attacked by pirate penguins doesn't everyone else doesn't," the narrator argued.

"Wait a second, pirate penguins? That's never shown up in the story!" 

"Hasn't it? Oh, my bad, that was a spoiler," the narrator said sheepishly.


We now return to your regularly scheduled story!


Using his amazing time manipulation skills as displayed earlier in the story, Jack had managed to conjure up a speedboat in which to escape Hawaii. He had just managed to hit the Pacific ocean (of course, he had conjured up extra fuel, a GPS, and snack bars) when suddenly there was a thunk and the next thing he knew, his boat had sprung a leak.

Water was streaming out of the hole in his boat, and Jack immediately plugged it with some duct tape that was on board.


Another one, and Jack saw a beak coming through the hole from the bottom of the boat. In a moment, the beak was gone and another leak was sprung. That too was covered with duct tape.

Seeing as they could not hope to sink his boat while he had duct tape, the invaders decided to board the boat and take him on. All four of them jumped up in perfect unison, did a flip in midair in perfect unison, and landed on the boat, with not so perfect unison as one of them landed on the edge of the boat and fell back into the water.

They were penguins, wearing some kind of rag on their heads which might have once been pirate hats, were now water-logged pirate hats. One of them wore an eye-patch.

"You burned our ship!" The eye-patched spoke angrily in a high pitched, squeaky voice.

Deciding not to ask the obvious question of Why are there pirate penguins attacking me on a motorboat in a high-speed escape from Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean and instead asked;

"If you guys can swim fast enough to catch up with my speedboat, why did you need a pirate ship, anyway?"

Faced with this little bit of illogicality, the penguins disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The End

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