The Nineteenth Chapter!

(Author's Note : Short chapter here, sorry guys, I've been busy with certain things this month.)

Well, Hawaii was nice.

Jack didn't really have anything to say about it. Nice food, beautiful scenery, people wearing clothes that Jack would have been able to introduce to a lawn mower without any comment being made.

Apparently one of the prizes he had won from the Exploding House sweepstakes was a free buffet dinner showcasing authentic Hawaiian food.

Hawaiian food was, apparently, a "fusion of many cuisines brought by multiethnic immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands, particularly of American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese origins", and description that was most definitely not copied from Wikipedia.

Right now Jack was just raiding the fruit table, piling pinapples high onto his plate, the other people giving him strange looks.

He was about to finish when he saw a bunch of papayas, looked at his plate (already reaching very large heights due to his food-stacking skills) and said, "Ooh, papayas."

With his bare hands, he deftly picked up several halves of the papaya and built a wall around his pineapples. As he made his way to the table, he accidentally bumped into somebody, sending his Leaning Tower Of Fruit cascading onto the unfortunate man.

"Aaaar-" the man began, before a particularly large piece of pineapple fell into his mouth. The rest of the fruit soon followed, turning him into a tropical fruit salad. Juice was now running down his clothes (A blue-now-turned-red Hawaiian shirt and shorts) and onto the floor. He slipped, and hit the fruit table, splitting it in half and sending more pineapples his way.

"Mm Mhrgik Hrm Hgrineaphms!" The man screamed, his words muffled by the mountain of fruit suffocating him.

"What was that?" Jack asked, bending down on one knee and leaning in close to hear.

"Mm Mhrgik Hrm Hgrineaphms!" he repeated. And then, "Git hm out mf hrr!"

"I can't hear you with all the fruit covering you," Jack said calmly. "I'll get you out of there."

Jack reached down and swept the fruit away from the man's face, which was turning red.

"I said," the man yelled, panicking, "I'm allergic to pi-" then he started choking and collapsed.

"Uh oh," Jack said. Being accused of murder wasn't something he was very fond of. "Time to skedaddle."

Skedaddle? Jack thought as he ran out of the hall where the meal was being served. 

The End

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