The Seventeenth Chapter!

Author's Note : Before you start reading, I'd like to note that a large number of Malay words have been used. I'm Malaysian, and writing a chapter about studying in Malaysia it's kind of expected. Sorry if you're some kind of Asian-Language-Hater.

Jonathan Hong (Not at all based on the author's real life friend Jonathan Wong) closed his Geography book, breathed a sigh of relief, and placed it on a slowly growing stack of books to his right. He looked at another stack of books on his left, which dwarfed the stack on the right.

He had finished Geography, now he only had History, Science, Maths, and Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) left.

"I guess if I study Sejarah (Malay for History) first, the worst will be over and I won't dread having to study for it," Jonathan, or Jon to his friends, said to himself.

He shook his head, grabbed his Sejarah book and cracked it open.

"Let's see... Page 47, British Occupation of Malaya, page 56, British Exploitation of Malayan Economy, page 72, British controlled Malayan states..."

It went on and on. A hundred pages, two hundred pages. Jonathan had to memorize all of this in a few hours.

"All right, let's begin. Page 1. British-"

"Hey, Jon!"

"Woah!" Jon said, surprised. He turned around and fell out of his swivel chair in the process.

When he got up, his face was nearly purple with rage.

"Jack, what is it this time?" he asked, trying his best to keep calm. He had developed a facial tic, and his right eye was twitching violently.

Jack seemed oblivious to the body language, if you could call it that. It was more like body screaming.

"So, what'cha doin'?" Jack asked, a bright smile on his face.

"I was trying to study," Jon replied, calming down a little.

"Oh, studying. Great, great. It's just that, I'm looking for inspiration for my story," Jack said hopefully.

"Which story? The one with the robots and zombies?" Jon asked, exasperated.

"It had aliens too, but not that one."

(Second author's note : I had, in fact, wrote a zombie-alien-robot story, for NaNoWrimo last year.)

"Which one is it, then?"

"It's called The Non-Sensical Tale Of The Jackster," Jack was in a bit of a rush, looking around the room for inspiration, "and-"

"Isn't that the story you asked me to read a week ago?"

"Yeah, and-"

"That story was terrible!"

"Well, okay, it's not that-"

"Yes, yes it is!" Jon could feel the anger creeping back up.

"Come on, Jon, I-"

"It was all about how you jumped on people's heads and fought British elves!"

"Well, Chapter Fifteen was a pretty big mistake, but that's why I'm here!" Jack said. Jon opened his mouth, probably to say something about the pirate ship chapter, but Jack quickly interrupted with, "To get inspiration!"

"Fine," Jon had calmed down again.

"So, what'cha doin'?" Back to square one. Jon groaned.

"Look, why don't we continue this argument in the next chapter?" Jon said reasonably.

"Fair enough, fair enough. I've already got around five hundred words in here, so I'll just call it a day," Jack agreed.

The End

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