The Sixteenth Chapter!


That was the sound of Jack's laptop smashing.

Whooosh, CRASH, klink-klink, BANG.

That was the sound of Jack lifting his fists off his laptop, swinging them through a nearby vase, which really shouldn't have been so close to his laptop, and smashing the wall behind it.


That was the sound of Jack.

It really wasn't his fault. He liked writing about fictional people beating up Brit ... erm, elves. It's just that the fifteenth chapter sucked.  Bad.

Okay, maybe it was his fault for writing such terrible comedy, but he had to post a chapter on there somehow.

The door behind Jack creaked. A chubby boy, perhaps twelve, stood by the doorway, his mouth ajar.

"Kor, (what Chinese Malaysians call their big brothers), what happened here?" the boy asked, his lip trembling.

"Shutup, little brother of mine, I'm trying to write a new chapter for my story," the older one replied.

"But, the room-"

"I had to smash it up, to give me, ah, inspiration."

"Kor, I've been meaning to talk to you about this website you've joined," the boy said slowly.

Jack turned around, and his little brother could see the bloodshot eyes, made all the more horrifying by Jack's pimple covered face, sagging with exhaustion and sleep deprivation. It looked like a map of the Swiss Alps, and only slightly less white. It looked like the Himalayas with two red, bulging Everests.

"What about Protagonize, Ben?" Jack's voice was calm, but calm the same way a tiger was calm while stalking prey.

"Ever since you joined," Ben hesitated, but went on, "You've been acting different. You've been spending so much time on the computer, and I never get a turn."

"You never got a turn on the computer before I found this website," Jack interrupted.

"But now it's worse. And you never talk to me. You're always thinking about your story," Ben persisted.

"I never talk to you anyway," Jack pointed out.

"And sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can still hear you typing and laughing at your own jokes!"

Jack paused. He thought for a few seconds for a devastating comeback.


"My point is, I think you should stop going on Protagonize," Ben said.

"I can't! All my friends are there!" Jack exclaimed.

"Like who?" Ben was growing braver now, the fear he usually felt when around his brother dissipating.

"Like, ah, Spook, and-"

"Do you know they're real names, kor?"

"Erm, Spook's called Charley.... something... ," Jack trailed off. "None of this matters," he said eventually, waving his hands around frantically. "What's important is that I find out what to write for my next chapter!"

"Kor, I really think this is unhealth-"

"Shutup! I've got to go outside, to get inspired."

Ben stomped his foot, his entire body jiggling, and settled into a sumo wrestler-type stance.

"You're going to have to get through me first," Ben said defiantly.

Jack sighed and picked up his little brother, his entire body straining with effort, and plonked him down somewhere which didn't obstruct Jack from the door.

He walked outside, and everyone made a sound.

It was the sound of cars honking, guns firing, babies crying, mothers shouting, fathers snoring, siblings fighting, cash registers dinging. It was every sound in the world.

Collectively, it sounded like this : 

"Oh no, Jack's come out for more inspiration."

The End

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