The Fourteenth Chapter!


That was Jack, finally getting revenge on an empty pirate ship which was holding him hostage. It makes sense if you read the previous chapters.

Jack lit another match, and flung it at the wall. The match stuck and burned cheerfully, along with the rest of the wall, which was not as cheerful about the burning as Jack and the match was.

He jumped out of the crew quarters and into the deck, and ran over to one of the masts. He began to climb it, lighting matches and throwing them down every few seconds.

Eventually he reached what he heard was called a Crow's Nest. He didn't see any crows, so he might have been mistaken. Nevertheless, he climbed up on top of it.

He took out another match from his seemingly infinite supply, struck it, and threw it down. Jack laughed gleefully at the birds-eye view of the destruction he was causing. His matches were more like signal flares, and almost as big. They wouldn't go out no matter what height he threw them from.

Just one problem : The fire was reaching the Nest, which Jack was standing on.

Maybe I should have planned a little better, he thought.

He found a knife in a small compartment, which he realised he could use to get down safely. He would jump on to the sails and use the knife to cut through them. This would slow his descent to a non-fatal speed.

He presumed that's what they kept the knife there for anyway.

Jack leaped out of the Crow's Nest, grabbing a rope. He swung in the direction of the sails and let go.

After a split-second in midair, he stabbed his knife into the sails, and immediately slowed down as his knife sliced through the silk.

Time for some of that improbable agility I displayed in Chapter Two.

He let go of the knife and kicked at the sails, unrealistically propelling him in the direction of a nearby life boat.

That was cool!

Jack landed on the life boat on his back, and the force of the impact broke the ropes connecting it to the boat, dropping it into the water with a splash.

"Argh, not so cool," Jack moaned. At least he had kept the box of matches, and those would probably come in handy some time in the future.

The End

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