The Thirteenth Chapter!

When we last left Jack, he was at the mercy of an empty pirate ship which was trying to kill him by slamming doors on him. In case the conclusion was hard to form for you, reader, this was not a nice situation to be in.

Jack was trying to walk out of the corridor he was in, and onto the deck outside. He casually walked past a closed door.

The door flew open and Jack jumped back, narrowly avoiding it.

"Aha!" Jack gloated. He'd been expecting this.

The door closed grudgingly.

Jack walked triumphantly past the door.

Then it flew open again and hit Jack.

"Argh!" Jack yelled, stumbling away from the door.

This door seems more tenacious than the others. Wait, there must be something behind it! Jack thought.

Now, when Jack had his mind set on something, nothing could stop him. Well, except failing the first time. And getting something more interesting to do. But he was desperate to escape the ship and getting hit by other doors seemed just as painful, and without the opportunity to get whatever is behind this door.

He had to time this very, very carefully and get the door to open, then run through before it closed.



Several hours later



"AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" Jack screamed in frustration, or maybe pain, as he hit the door for the hundredth time.

Timing was just something he wasn't good at.

One last try, he thought, before I pass out. Argh, these bruises are killing me.

He stepped forward, waiting for the door to open. it did, he jumped backwards, and immediately ran forward, trying to outrun the closing door. 

Yes! He thought as he leaped through into the room. The door caught on his shirt and it ripped, but at least it didn't catch on his leg or anything.

First showers of arrows, now angry doors, I'm going to need to buy new... Jack's thought trailed off as he saw what the door was trying to guard.

On top of a shrine, adorned with gold and jewels, was the most exquisite, largest box of matches Jack had ever seen. It was the size of a bible, and presumably just as flammable.

This is good when you are fighting a very old, mostly dry, VERY wooden pirate ship.

The End

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