The Twelfth Chapter!

Just then, a gigantic zebra fell out of the sky and on Jack. Jack passed out.

When he woke up, he found himself on an old ship, the kind used by pirates.

"Ah, another interesting stereotype I have yet to visit," Jack said. Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, the ship was empty. Jack walked around, looking for signs of life. In the ship's mess hall, he saw half eaten meals on the table, and the stove was still radiating heat, but nobody was there still.

"Uh oh," Jack was worried now. "Half eaten meals? I'm definitely in trouble."

Jack had seen plenty of horror movies. He remembered the three rules of horror movies that horror movie characters always broke. The rules were;

1. Don't split up.

2. Don't open the door when strange noises are coming out the other side.

3. Always bring popcorn to horror movie night.

With the exception of the last rule, he was trying to follow this list. It was night time, thought Jack attributed this to the fact that the black stripe of the zebra had landed on him. Nevertheless, it made for a very eerie enviroment.

Keeping an eye out for ghosts and phantoms, he walked towards the door marked Captains Office.

Suddenly, something white flashed at the corner of his eye. He turned around sharply. Nothing.

He continued through the narrow corridor to the captain's office, and pressed his ear on the door when he reached it.

The door flew open, slamming him into the wall. Just as quickly, it closed.

"Oh, great, a temperamental pirate ship," Jack moaned.

The End

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