The Eleventh Chapter!

Jack liked Chinese people. He did not like Chinese people who were charging at him with horses, shooting arrows at him, or trying to cut him in two.

That was exactly what the Chinese people in front of him were trying to do. Technically, this meant he did not like them. He didn't.

And to think I called them brothers, Jack thought. One of the warriors caught up with him, and brandished a sword. However, to get to Jack so quickly, he had to race several hundred horses on foot, and he was tired. He was already panting by the time he reached Jack.

Jack poked him in the chest. He toppled over. Jack grabbed the fallen soldier's sword. Forget these flimsy Japanese things, I'm going for the real deal, he thought.

The moment he picked up the sword, the rest of the army identified him as a Chinese person and stopped. They looked at each other in confusion, then decided that the Japanese man was somewhere else.

One of them shouted over to Jack. "Ni hao, brother. Did you see a Japanese man pass by?"

The problem was that he said it all in Mandarin. Jack did not speak Mandarin. Cantonese and Hakka, the dialects of his people, sure. Not Mandarin.

"Aaaah," he replied in desperate Cantonese, "I don't understand you, but you must help me. Which way is the nearest settlement?" The other man did not answer.

"Is it that way?" he asked, pointing to his left.

The other man did not understand a word of Cantonese, but assumed that Jack was pointing the way to the Japanese man. He called out orders to his army, and they immediately marched in the direction Jack pointed out.

Hmm, since they're moving that way, I guess they understood me, Jack mused. He decided to follow them.

The End

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