The Ninth Chapter!

( Author's note : Well, due to having been incapacitated with the flu at time of writing, I decided to write another chapter in my story, a mere 23 hours after the last one. I also apologise in advance for the long chapter, compared to the others. Enjoy. )

Jack woke up. The sun was still shining, but he had a feeling that several hours had already passed.

"Was the taste of that fruit worth the loss of consciousness?" He asked himself, but before he could come to a conclusion, several elephants cycled past on blue, oversized bicycles.

"That's weird," Jack said. He had heard of fruits that could make people go insane after eating them, but he didn't believe stories like those, and neither did the skeletons that were doing the can-can in front of him. He waved them away. 

Shortly after they walked off, he heard a strange sound, as if there were a choir of angels singing above him. He looked up. He saw the face of a bearded old man staring down at him. The face seemed to have taken up the entire sky. His eyes were glowing brightly, as if there were two suns, but Jack's eyes did not hurt.

"Jack," the face boomed deeply.

"Erm, yes?" Jack replied, nervously.

"Do you know who I am?" the face asked slowly.

Jack froze for several minutes, unable to think of an answer.

"You tell me," he answered lamely.

The face smiled.

"Ah, so you do not know," it said, in the friendly tone of a parent saying, 'So it was you who smeared chocolate all over the walls'.

"Are... are you God?"

"What? No, no, no. I aaaaaaaam," it drawled out for dramatic effect.

Jack held his breath.

"FACE-MAN!" the face finished. Jack sighed.

"So I am hallucinating," he said. "Stupid fruit. Stupid garbages."

"Wait," the face insisted, "Wouldn't you like to see how it is possible that I can be both a man and a disembodied face at the same time?"

"Not really, no," Jack replied.

"But it is a miracle of modern science! My face can descend from the heavens, while my physical body rests at home!"

"And what stops someone from disposing of your headless body, thinking that it's a corpse?"

"SILENCE!" the face bellowed in sudden anger. Then it changed expressions just as quickly back to a smile. "See how it works? Isn't it amazing?"

"To be able to shout at people?" Jack asked. "Not exactly."

The face became annoyed. "Well, if you're so smart, you should just wake up."

Jack woke up, for the second time. He was staring at the afternoon sun. It took a while before he realised that he had been dreaming. He was already forgetting what happened in his dream, the memories flying away from him like a distant vapour.

He turned his head and saw the partially eaten fruit on the ground.

"Hmm," he mused. "Was the taste of the fruit worth the sudden loss of consciousness?"

He decided not, and got up to continue his journey, hoping not to fall prey to the dangerous garbages and mind tricks the desert could play.

The End

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