The Eighth Chapter!

After the battle, Jack realised something. First was that he had a nice, shiny new sword to cut things with. Second, there was an entire island full of ninjas hunting him down. He had to get out of here, fast. Walking along the yellow brick road (forgot about that, didn't you?), he began formulating a plan to escape the island.

I know, he thought. I should leave. Yeah, that's a good plan. Leave the island. All right, that's the goal, what are the means? Means, means, means, means, means. Means.

He decided to just follow the road and see where it led. That seemed easy enough.

Unfortunately, it was not. He followed the road, and it was trying to lead him through a desert. To make matters worse, the island appeared to be in a state of perpetual light, and even though Jack had been walking for hours, his clothes soaked in sweat and his throat flaked with thirst, the sun was still above him as if it were noon.

Then, he saw it. A pool of cool, clear liquid, right next to the road, with trees filled with fruit surrounding it.

Ah. Everyone knows that cool, clear looking water is always safe to drink when you're in a story.

Wait a second, this isn't one of those things you get when you're in the desert, is it? What are they called again? Garbages, I think.

He walked over to the oasis, and collapsed beside the pond, exhausted. He was laughing with relief. He resisted the urge to just lie there, and got up. He cupped the water in his hands and drank noisily. Then he washed his face. Now that his thirst was quenched, he felt peckish.

He saw a few trees around the pool. He couldn't tell what kind of trees they were, but he could see the  fruit they bore. The fruits looked delicious. They had a purple skin, sort of like a plum, but they were bigger. Around the size of his fist, to be exact.

How on earth do I climb that tree? Jack mused. A few minutes of futile tree climbing later, he found a few rocks at the base of the tree, which he used to knock down a few fruits.

He picked one up and bit into it. The juice flowed out of it's white flesh and into his mouth. It was delicious, sweet but not overly so. 

"This tastes amaz-" Jack began, but then he collapsed, snoring.

The End

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