The Sixth Chapter!

"Because," Jack began, trying to keep calm. And failing. "I'm still in the prime of my life."

"So were my friends," the ninja replied. "But you killed them too."

"What? Killed them? No, no, I hardly even injured them!"

"That explains why they're lying on the floor bleeding, then."

"They're just unconscious! Look at them!"

"You really shouldn't argue with a man who can cut through your neck like a hot knife through...." the ninja tried to remember the end of the metaphor. "Somebody's neck," he finished.

"My point is, they're just unconscious. I would never kill a man."

"You killed the ninja in the first chapter."

"The first chapter? That was five chapters ago! Just forget about it!"

"Forget about it? You killed him! He had a wife and family!"

"He called me a Chinese dog!"

"That can't justify you killing him!"

"Okay,  okay, I'm sorry, and I regret my actions, and I would like to atone for them."

"You think I'll let you off the hook just like that?"

"Well, I really hope so."

"Haha, not so easy. If you want to atone, then you'll have to join my dojo, where you will undergo intense training. Intensely painful, that is. You will-"

"Spare me the lecture and just lead the way," Jack answered, feeling slightly excited to be going to a ninja dojo despite himself.

Another voice interrupted them. "Hey, Samo, you're going to kill the Chinese guy! Nice job!"

Ah, so Samo is the man's name, Jack thought. Imagine that. I didn't know ninjas who spent their time threatening to chop people's necks off even had names.

Samo was talking to the other ninjas. "No, no, this man wants to atone for his sins and has agreed to join us." He withdrew the sword, and Jack breathed a sigh of relief.

"Come with us, outsider!" The other ninjas were calling him. "We'll be going to the best dojo outside of Japan!"

"Japan?" Jack asked.

"That's right!" Samo exclaimed happily. "Some guys from Japan thought this island would be a good place for a ninja training dojo, so here we are."

"So, you're all," Jack tried to keep his cool, even as he said through gritted teeth, "Japanese?"

"Of course. Ninjas are from Japan! Don't you watch Naruto?"


They were ninjas, trained in the art of stealth. They could kill a man in one blow. He was a Chinese person who hated anime. You really had to feel sorry for the ninjas.

The End

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