The Fifth Chapter!

Turning around to explore the island he had landed on, he immediately saw a yellow road made of bricks amongst the thick vegetation.

"This is just like Alice In Wonderland," Jack said. "Where the girl meets the lion and the robot. Or is that Beauty And The Beast? King Kong?"

He gave up and decided to follow the road, keeping an eye out for robotic lions. Ten minutes of walking later, the dense foliage petered out, until he could see the way ahead clearly.

Suddenly, Jack saw a shadow moving in the corner of his eye. He turned around.


Then he heard a whisper behind him. He jumped and immediately turned around.


"Nothing," Jack said. "It's probably my imagination." And when he turned around to continue his journey, he saw them. They had appeared right out of thin air.

"NINJAS!" Jack screamed.

"Yes, we are. We are here to avenge our fallen brother, who was slain by your-"


Jack charged straight at the ninjas. There were four of them. They drew their swords, but Jack was too fast. He crashed into one of them, knocking him over. Dodging the swipes from the swords, he punched another one of them in the face, grabbed him, and threw him into another ninja.

Then he felt something cold and hard on his shoulder.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't cut your head off," the ninja behind him said.


The End

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