The Third Chapter!

"THERE HE IS, BOYS!" One of the four men at the elevator shouted.

Jack immediately had an idea. He looked at the sky.

"Wait!" He yelled to the four men. "Just hold on a little while, and then you can tear me limb from limb."

The other men politely obliged. They started whispering amongst themselves. They weren't very good at whispering, as Jack could hear their conversation.

"Hey, who's going to get his stuff?"


"Yeah, y'know, limbs and things."

"Well, four of us, four limbs."

"Hmm, good idea."

Then Jack saw it. What he had been waiting for. A plane soared overhead, dropping what looked to be a package. It fell on the roof of the apartment neatly. Jack walked over and picked it up.

The four men were bewildered. "And what is that?" One of them asked.

"A jetpack, of course. I simply promised myself that when time travel was possible, I would travel back in time and drop this off at this very moment," Jack replied calmly. Jack strapped on the jetpack  and pressed a few buttons.

There was a whir, and then a boom, and Jack was soaring through the air.

"You know, perhaps we shouldn't have waited," the leader of the four men mused.

"Yeah, you've got a point there," another agreed.

So, time travel will definitely be possible in the next twenty years, Jack thought to himself. Thank you, future me. I mean, thank me, future me.

Twenty years later, an older Jack is sitting at home. You're welcome, he thinks.

Back in our own time, Jack had been flying around for several minutes, flying over half of the world in that time. His face was being pulled back, like a cartoon character. Just then, a reading flashed on the display screen of his jetpack. Warning : Fuel Low.

"Thash no' goo'," Jack said, still finding it difficult to talk when his mouth was being stretched like a rubber band.

At that moment, he saw a small island ahead of him.  Unfortunately, that was the time his jetpack decided to stop working. He felt himself lose speed, and then altitude.

"How do you make this thing deploy the parachute?" He screamed.

"Deploying Parachute," a robotic voice in his jetpack replied.

"AH! Who was that?!" Jack screamed again. Great, he was falling out of the sky and there was a ghost talking to him.

The End

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