The Twenty Seventh Chapter!

Shortly after Rima's death, Jack's phone conversation was interrupted by a smooth, silky, pre-recorded voice.

"The person you are calling is deceased," his phone told him. "Please try to place a long distance call."

Jack hung up, deep in shock. His mind was quick to make sense of events.

"I have a lethal sense of humour!" He said to no one in particular. "That must be it! My jokes are so bad, they actually cause physical harm!"

He whipped around behind him, facing a wall with a picture of himself framed on it.

"Did you hear about the wooden car?" He began. "It had a wooden engine, wooden wheels, and a wooden frame". Pause. "It wooden move!"

The glass on the picture cracked, then exploded outwards. The picture frame caught fire.

Jack clenched his fist and looked at it. "I'm unstoppable," he said slowly.

And out he walked into the world.

The End

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