The Twenty Sixth Chapter!

Rima Inazays wiped the sweat off his brow. A chapter had been posted in The Non-Sensical Tale Of TheJackster, thus humiliating his lifelong friend Jack with his inane descriptions of Roti Channi.

"I know what I'll do to embarrass Jack," Rima mused. "I'll specify the type of swimsuit he was wearing. Namely, a Speedo!" He was about to laugh maniacally when he was interrupted by his phone.

"Risin' up, to the challenge of our rivals," His phone sang before Rima answered it.

"And the last known SURVIVOR stalks his prey in the night!" Rima sang with a complete lack of pitch. "And he's watching us all with the eyeeeeeeeee-"

"Shutup!" the voice on the other end barked. "This is me, Jack. How could you do this to me, Rima?"

Rima smiled. "Do what, Jack? Didn't you ask me to write a guest chapter?"


"What do you wear, then?" Rima asked, chuckling.

"SPEEDOS! I've told you a million times before, they're different!"

Rima blinked, surprised. Okay, he didn't expect that. Neither of them spoke for a few seconds after that last statement. Rima was about to hang up, but Jack started talking again.

"You want to hear a joke? I'm sorry, I read an entire joke book in an hour or so."

"It's all right," Rima began, "I'm not really a joke type of-"

"You're like this joke, and you'll listen to it too, unless you want everyone reading this story to know that your true name is a certain phrase spelled backwards!"

"But you just told everyone that my name is a certain phrase spelled backwards!"

"Erm, yes, but, NEVERMIND!" Then Jack hung up.

Rima sighed. I really need to get a new ringtone, he thought.

Flipping through a few settings, he finally found a ringtone he liked.

Just then, his phone sang,

"Take me down to the Paradise City-"

"Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!" Rima finished, again with absolutely no singing talent.

"I forgot to tell you. I killed the ninja, without you or The Roti Channi's help. And I am coming for you!"

And then Jack hung up again.

The End

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