The Twenty-Fourth Chapter!

Mwua ha ha ha ha, time for some fun! Special thanks to Jack for allowing me to wreak havoc with his story ... now, let's do this thing!


Jack now faced something of a predicament. The ninja had clearly intended to kill him in some gruesome pen-related manner, but Jack's own attempt to dispose of the black-clad nuisance had already gone wrong. His weapon was now buried in the ninja's arm, and the only other alternative to the fork was the pen that lay at Jack's feet.

Hmmm, thought Jack, picking an oreo out of the packet and chewing it in a thoughtful manner. What was he going to do? Should he try and retrieve his pen and finish the ninja off that way? No, too risky, ninjas were notorious for ripping people's heads off when it was least expected. Besides, that would mean getting blood all over him, and it would be rather difficult to deny his involvement in the incident if he tried to walk down the street looking like something out of a Saw movie.

However, he most certainly could not touch the pen. The terrible ordeal he had faced with his brother all those years ago reared its ugly mug inside his brain and threatened to chew away what was left of his sanity. Jack promptly slammed a metaphorical lid on said memory and went back to licking oreo crumbs off his fingers. He couldn't touch the pen, and the fork was too far gone to be of any use. So, instead, our courageous hero turned to the only other alternative open to him.

Jack bolted for the door as fast as his legs would carry him, emitting a girly squeal as he nearly stepped on the pen in the process. People were standing outside the shop gaping in through the windows like electrocuted rodents, but Jack simply performed more unbelievably skilled acrobatics, leapt over their heads, did a small victory dance on the other side and then resumed his flight. The ninja would not take kindly to being attacked with a plastic kitchen appliance, and if there was one thing Jack knew about ninjas, it was they they were far too wussy to risk making the same mistake twice.

Jack kept running until he was well out of the town. He slowed down and gradually came to a halt in front of a very deep and very ominous looking forest. Jack picked another oreo out of the packet and peered into the trees. As you would expect from a creepy forest, only hooting owls and ominous cracking branches could be heard - despite the fact it was broad daylight. Jack looked behind him, then into the trees again.

"Creepy trees or angry ninjas?" he mused out loud. "Hmm, hard choice..."

The End

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