The Non-Sensical Tale Of The Jackster

I've decided to write a story where I make things up on the spot, not caring about those fancy technical terms like "sense" and "understandability". Enjoy!

The Jackster (who shall now be known as Jack) sat hunched over his laptop, the cup of tea beside him growing cold. He was looking at his Protagonize profile. He hasn't written anything.

"Why can't I write anything?" He asked himself. He often talked to himself, his reason (which he gave while arguing with himself) being that he couldn't find more interesting conversation elsewhere. Just then, the door opened behind him.

"Aha!" said the man at the door. Right about here would be a description of the man, had said man not been wearing a ninja suit. Of course, one can still say that the man also had a katana and a red headband on his head. The katana was not on his head. It was in his hand. "Don't make me use this," he said, referring to the sword he was now waving around.

"I see you are Japanese," Jack noted, observing his accent.

"Yes I am, you Chinese dog!" The man replied, getting angrier for no apparent reason.

"Japanese...." Jack repeated. He rose from his chair, advancing on the ninja. The ninja was losing his nerve, and was backing away now.

"YOUR CARTOONS ARE TERRIBLE!" Jack exploded, swinging his fists around while chasing the unfortunate ninja. The ninja bolted out of the house, with Jack still chasing him.

The ninja ran down the street, passing a little old lady using a walking cane. The bystanders were looking at the ninja. Then Jack ran by the old lady. The instant he did, she fell down, her hands empty.

The two of them were now racing to the docks, the ninja planning to jump into the water  and swim, hopefully losing Jack.

"Come back here, you yellow fiend!" Jack called after the ninja, waving his new cane. Suddenly, Jack stopped. He drew back the cane and hurled it at the ninja.

Come on, just a little further, and I can escape this wacko, thought the ninja. Sadly, had Jack not been armed with a walking cane, the ninja would have been correct. The back end of the cane struck his head, knocking him down.

Jack rushed over to the unconscious ninja. He picked him up by the collar and dragged him back into town.

The End

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