There were tears running down my sore
face, still stinging from the smack. She was stronger than I thought. Mom had
never hit me before, not even when I was younger and naughtier.

My eyeshadow was a little bit smudged,
I noticed as I checked my reflection in my powder-compact mirror. Hopefully it
looked as if I had intended it to be that way.

I was a little bit too early, but that
was good, because I had time to re-apply my eye-makeup.

“What happened to you Kat?”

Kaydene asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

I promised as I heard the doorbell

The party was great, though it was
considerably marred by the slap I had received earlier. Kaydene loved her

As soon as the party was over and the
small crowd of guests had left, Kaydene and I were able to talk in private.

“Me and mom had this argument about
what I was wearing.”

I said in what was nearly a whisper.

“She called me a freak and told me to
put on some normal clothes. I refused so she slapped me really, really hard
across the face. Then I said that I hated her and ran all the way here.”

I told Kaydene. Kaydene, loyal as
ever, said that I’d been treated very cruelly. I knew that she was going over
the top a little bit, but it was still nice that there was someone on my side.

“Are you going to tell your dad?”

Kaydene asked gently.

“I don’t know, I don’t think he’d
believe me if I did tell him. He sides with mom, he sort of glosses over the
fact that she’s done something wrong and tells me that she means well.”

The End

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