The reaction


One Saturday I walked downstairs,
about to walk over to Kaydene’s house for her birthday party. I had on an odd
assortment of clothes. A silver-sequin vest top (yeah, I love sequin vest-tops)
a pair of denim shorts over black tights and scarlet Doc Martens. My
accessories were lots of multi-coloured metal bangles and a necklace consisting
of beads with swirly patterns on them and an eye-shaped charm. My makeup was
orange eye-shadow, hot-pink eyeliner and black lipstick.

“Mom, I’m heading to Kaydene’s house
for the party!”

I called.

“Katrina! You put some NORMAL clothes
and make-up on! Everyone is going to think you walked straight out of a
freak-show! How will you ever fit in with anyone else when you’re walking
around like freak?”

She snapped.

I clenched my teeth, trying to become
resilient to her insults. It was no good though. I retaliated.

“I don’t WANT to fit in with everyone
else. I’m Kat, not Katrina and I’m hate those other girls. Why would I want to
be  the same as the girls who ignored me
just because my brother and sister are dead?”

I snapped back.

Her reaction was totally unexpected.

smacked me hard across the face. I gave a scream of “I HATE you!” , grabbed my
handbag and Kaydene’s present and ran out the door as quickly as I could.

The End

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