I managed to get a page done before he
called me again. I’d obviously gone past my five minutes. I detected a note of
nervousness in his voice. I think he thought that I wasn’t going to keep my
promise and come downstairs.

I walked downstairs as if I was
walking towards my own death. It’s amazing how a short fight can make you feel
as if you’re completely unloved.

I didn’t look at mom as I sat down at
my place at the table. How I wished things could have been like they were
before, with Martina sitting next to me and Shaynne sitting across from me.
Martina would have sided with me by now and Shaynne would have forgotten the
argument already, or never even known about it in the first place.

Dad was trying to soften the hostile
atmosphere between me and mom. I ignored him, or kept my answers monosyllabic, which
was very hard if you’re someone like me, who would talk all day given half the

I finished my dinner as quickly as
possible, and went back up to my room. I found my phone and texted Kaydene. I
had an idea to get myself noticed. I wanted to see what she thought. This
wasn’t going to be the same sorry song of misery rephrased and uploaded again
and again. This was going to be powerful. This was going to be my own.

The End

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