The writing website


Kaydene liked my idea of gluing the
quotes to the ceiling. She wrote such things down in a tiny notebook. Anything
that inspired her went into that little notebook.

One afternoon, on the way out of
school (as we ignored the occasional mean comment or stare, or whisper of
“that’s the girl with the suicide siblings, right?”) she mentioned a writing website.

“You just upload a couple of pieces
and see what people think. It’s a great way to get feedback, I’ve uploaded two
of my stories! People have liked them so far, and it’s free, so you can’t
really lose!”

She told me.

Kaydene likes technology, so do I. now
that I think about it, who doesn’t?

We headed to her house to look up the
website. We could have gone back to my place, but I wasn’t in the mood to be
nagged about my clothes and makeup weirds and have to listen to the constant
noise of the vacuum cleaner and the scrubbing and polishing.

We sat down at Kaydene’s laptop and
searched the web for the writing site. On finding it, Kaydene logged in and
showed me her profile and page and all her writing.

“That’s really, really cool!”

I said, scribbling the name of the
site onto a blank page of my current writing notebook.

After promising that I’d create an
account as soon as I got home, I left. Mom and dad were going out with some
friends that night (or more like they were being dragged out) and they liked me
to be home before they went.

The End

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