Then one day a new girl joined our
class, Kaydene  Grey.

We hadn’t been instant-best-friends,
but we talked to each other a lot.

Then one day I saw that she too
carried a notebook everywhere.

Slowly, we became close friends, then
best friends. She wrote stories, very long ones, often using up a whole
notebook on just the notes for one story!

Kaydene had very tactfully asked why
nobody wanted to talk to me.

I told her everything. I normally
don’t like to tell things to just anyone, but she’s a good listener.

We started hanging out a lot after
school and at weekends, and my dependence on my lyrics and poems relented a
little. It was nice that there was someone I could talk to, and hang out with.
I soon realised that she was a better friend than Stella had ever been.

The End

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