The Nite-Hood

Suddenly, a cold gush of wind wrapped itself around us and carried us high into the dark sky. I felt the winds fingers caressing my hair. I looked back at the Institute, a smile forming on my lips. I wanted to yell, ‘HA! We escaped! We’re free!’ at the top of my lungs, but I couldn’t find any strength. So instead I enjoyed the feeling of happiness in the sky, with Hanna by my side, knowing that we won’t be abused or used anymore. I wanted to light the whole world in fire and just cry gleefully.


We would’ve done this a long time ago or hell, I could’ve just set the whole freaking Institute on fire, but they have some sort of barrier around it that forbids us to use any of our power inside. And Mary didn’t want us to leave – she depended on us. We were her only friends. But sometimes, to make a right decision, you have to make sacrifices.

You might be wondering how we knew about the Glazed Mountain if we’ve been locked inside the Institute and its yards. Well, one day, we were looking through the bars in our little prison and it had just finished raining so the sky was so clear you could see the world for miles, and Janie noticed the peak of the mountain and told me it looked like a glazed doughnut. So that’s how it got its name.

Now, close to the mountain, I noticed it looked anything but a doughnut. It had sharp edges around it and looked like a dark room from hell or maybe where Satan lives. But if he lives here, I hope he’ll let us stay for a while, because I’m sure the madmen back at the Institute are probably worse than him. I’ll even give him a route to get into the building. He belongs there, anyway, with his kind of people.

Hanna carried me to the top of the mountain, where a small cave was dug in. Then we fell on the floor. Janie, Sugar, and Berry came running towards us and we all did a group hug.

Then Hanna shooed them away and examined my ankle which was numb from pain. Immediately, she began soaking it with a cube of ice Berry handed to her.

“Alex, are you going to be okay?” Janie asked her eyes wide in fear. Sugar and Berry seemed to ask the same question too, staring intently at me.

I smiled faintly. “Of course I will! A little bullet can’t stop me.”

Hanna sighed in relief. “Well, you’re very lucky, because the bullet only badly grazed your ankle.” Shrugging off her jacket, she ripped out a long piece and bounded it around the wound.

We all crawled into the deep depths of the cave and cuddled besides each other.

I stuck out my hand. “Who are we?” I sang out gruffly. 

Hanna, Sugar, Berry, and Janie piled their fists over mines. “The Nite girls!” We all chorused, and then passed out.

That’s not really our last name, but since we never really had parents and grew up in dungeons and chambers, we made up our own names. I made us all have the same last name, and we’ve been doing that hand thing ever since I could remember. It kept us strong.

And this is the beginning of my (our) life story.

Welcome to the Nite-hood.




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The End

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