A Test Of Strength

As if to prove me right, the earth under us began to rumble. We turned around at the same time and saw about 10 feet away a herd of Sabers marching towards us.

Holy Mother of Fudge.

“Quickly! Hanna, take the kids to the Glazed Mountain and wait for me there. I’ll distract them,” I ordered, yelling in panic. Don’t panic, stupid, I scolded myself. But my heart was thrashing about a million beats a second.

Immediately, Hanna grabbed Janie’s hand and motioned for Sugar and Berry to follow her. They cast me worried glances, but knew they had to follow Hanna. I stood straight, facing the oncoming army, my eyes blazing red. Spreading out my arms, sparks began to dance in front of me, making a vertical line between me and the Sabers. Then slowly, they turned into little flames that eagerly licked at the dry leaves. I was using the rest of my strength to control it, to make sure it didn't set the whole forest on fire, and I was beginning to feel dizzy. But as I heard the bellows of the Sabers coming nearer, I urged myself to put in more effort.

Fire enlightened the dark forest, scaring animals away, and casting an eerie red glare at everything around me. I concentrated on it, trying to make it grow larger without putting too much power in it at once. To tame fire, you needed to be patient, Mary would always tell me. Well, that was bad news, because I was usually ANYTHING but patient; especially when a billion bloodthirsty hounds were a few feet away from me.

But I struggled, my hands shaking slightly, and I nearly fell backwards when a bullet whizzed past my face, missing shooting my ear off by half an inch. I pursed my lips together, calmly playing with the fire, letting it dance in its thick smoke as it ascended. But I had to go faster. Bullets were now firing all around me. I crouched as low as I could.

Something hit my ankle, but I didn’t dare look down even as pain sizzled up my leg and I felt something warm running between my toes. The fire needed someone to be alert and give it its attention, because it can be tricky at some times. So I bit my lip so hard, I tasted the saltiness of the blood soaking into my tongue.

When I thought I would die of tiredness or from a bullet, the fire rose. Gradually at first, but then it soared high into the night sky. I watched in awe as it consumed any of the bullets that tried to pass its protective wall. Finally, I sighed in relief, wiggling my fingers a bit as grains of sparks danced up my arms. Closing my eyes, I whispered softly to the fire, coaxing it with sweet words. I heard angry loud hisses from behind the fire barrier.

“THIS IS FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY FAMILY!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, then let go of the fire. It seeped out of hands, making me stagger backwards at the sudden emptiness.  

If you’ve ever seen a huge wave coming down on you, that’s exactly what it looked like, except it wasn’t water, but fire. A fire tsunami. The Saber’s immediately retreated, though the flames consumed many.

Mission complete. I turned around and was about to walk, when unbearable pain stung my whole left side. I shrieked despite myself and looked down to see my foot was bleeding. Had those suckers shot me?

“Are you okay?” A voice softly asked.

I looked up into Hanna’s warm eyes, then back down at my injured leg. She followed my gaze, and a gasp escaped her lips. She took my hand and stood next to me.

“The girls are waiting at the top of the mountain. I came back to check on you. I’ll carry you there,” Hanna explained calmly.

 I nodded, too tired to say anything.

Suddenly, a cold gush of wind wrapped itself around us and carried us high into the dark sky. I felt the winds fingers gently caressing my hair. Looking back at the Institute, a smile formed on my lips. I wanted to yell, ‘HA! We escaped! We’re free!’ at the top of my lungs, but I couldn’t find any strength. So instead I enjoyed the feeling of happiness in the sky, with Hanna by my side, knowing that we wouldn't be abused or used anymore. I wanted to light the whole world in fire and just cry gleefully.




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The End

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