On The Battlefield

I grabbed Janie’s hand and together the five of us ran down the last corridor. A large door came into view and Hanna bravely pushed it open and all of us scrambled out…

Only to come face-to-face with over than 15 Sabers – fully morphed and ready to slit our throats open.

Drats. I knew it was too good to be true.

You’re probably wondering what the hell Sabers are, but it’s pretty obvious, considering where they got their name from. They were humans created by madmen and basically had the power to morph into the most horrible Saber-tooth tiger you’ve ever seen: Pretty big and stands on its hind legs! But believe me, it’s only funny the first couple of seconds. You won’t be laughing when they wring your neck.

We all froze, but only for a mid-second. Mary taught us one valuable lesson – don’t be surprised, just jump in and fight. And that’s exactly what we all did. There’s no time in life for you to rewind what happening in your head and study every detail. Sheesh.

While the Sabers sneered at us, waiting for us to faint or stand with our jaws open, I ran up to the nearest one and jammed my fist right into its silky face. And after that all hell broke loose.

I lost track of the rest of the group through the swarms of Sabers. I continued punching and kicking any Saber that came near me. That took down the first 2 or 3, but then five more ganged up on me and all I could see was their yellow and black rough skin.

The first Saber got a good grip on my shoulder and brought me down head first into the floor. Dirt clogged my nose and it felt as if ants were crawling around my eyeballs, but I quickly regained my position. Did I mention we weren’t any average girls? Well, the Institute and the madmen who worked there made us each with the strength of around 2 full grown human men. And we each had our own special ability to top on that.

But that doesn’t mean they made their guards out of cheap material.

Rubbing my fists, I began shooting small balls of fire at the Sabers. Sparks burned through the unlucky Saber’s flesh and it screamed a horrifying howl into the night and scrambled away.

I didn’t have time to praise myself, or even wipe my brow, which was coated with sweat now. I felt a little weak from using too much of my power all at once. Just as I stopped to regain my breath, a large paw slammed against my neck.

My head swung to the side so fast I thought it would roll off. Then another paw came smacking my face.

I heard the horrible loud ‘crack’ as warm blood poured out of my nose and dripped down my chin. I turned to glare at the Saber that done that, ignoring the piercing pain in my head.

The Saber caught my eye and smiled, its large shiny white fangs glistening in the moonlight.

Yelling in agony and frustration, I threw myself at it, my palms alighted with flames. But I was too slow. The Saber easily dodged me and slashed at my face, its claws ripping into my flesh.

I staggered for a second, hoping it would let me catch my breath, but that wasn’t what it had in mind. Hissing, it pounced on my back, bringing me slamming against the ground again, my forehead burying into the rough dirt.

Oh God, this is it. I thought. I’m going to die and I’m not even a mile away from the door.

Suddenly, I heard Janie’s scream, high-pitched and terrifying and that seemed to unlock some hidden strength that was buried inside of me. I growled, throwing the muscular body off, and then bringing my hands down on its hard shoulders. The Saber yowled as fire exploded from my hands and consumed the little fur it had around his neck. Letting go of its now limp body, I scrambled up to search for the others. Oh, I hope my baby Janie is ok, I kept praying.

I saw Berry crouching, barely able to stand, several Sabers frozen in front of her. Her left eye was blue and swollen, and blood was dripping from a scar on her forehead, but besides that, she seemed okay. She caught my glance and smiled weakly.

I continued kicking and pushing through Sabers until I saw Janie. She was standing as well, dried blood around her ear, thick roots bursting from the ground and twirling around her in a protective sphere. There were two Sabers wiggling on the floor, trying to undo the blades of grass that tied them to the ground and wrapped tightly around their necks, choking them. Janie was even paler (if possible) and trembling but when she saw me, she smiled also.

“Alex, watch out!” Hanna’s voice cut through the air. I turned just in time to see a Saber running at me, its claws aiming for my chest, but suddenly the whole body was swooshed off the floor and strongly hurled twenty feet away. I looked up at the body as it disappeared in the air where it’ll probably hit a tree in China. I smiled my thanks to Hanna, who was busy kicking another Saber, but I knew she saw me.

Sugar was the last one… “Sugar?!” I yelled.

“Right here!” She called merrily, jogging towards me. I saw another Saber creeping up on her from behind. She caught my eye and winked, simply sticking her palms out behind her and the Saber suddenly stopped dead in his tracks then fell stiffly to the floor. Ouch. Talk about a shock.

I gathered them all around me making sure that no one was hurt too badly. Hanna’s lips were scathed and her arm was soaked in blood.

“I’m okay,” She whispered hoarsely when she noticed me staring.

“We’d better get going, guys.” I said, looking around for any conscious Sabers. “You all did well. But there’re probably a hundred more coming right now.”

As if to prove me right, the earth under us began to rumble. We turned around at the same time and saw about 10 feet away a herd of Sabers marching towards us.

Holy Mother of Fudge.




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The End

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