The Night-Swap

Lily goes to bed wishing she was someone else, and the next morning her wish is granted...


'Mum! PLEASE! I'll do anything!' I whined, grasping her hand away from the cooker.

'I've told you once, Lily. NO. Those funfair rides look vulgar. Nobody wants to walk around in boots, in a muddy field, with screaming children, and adults, around you.' She exclaimed, turning round and walking off.

'I hate you!' I shouted, storming up the stairs 3 at a time. I stomped into my room and slammed the door shut. I jumped onto my bed and growled. How could she?! She was meant to love me. If she had a heart, she'd take me. But she doesn't. She only cares about herself. Her stupid, stupid, self.

I could smell the food wafting into my room. I burst open the door and ran down the stairs to the table.

'What are you doing down here?' Mum asked, putting a plate down.

'What'dya mean?' I answered, eyeing the plate of food beside me - it was piled high with meat, roast potatoes and vegables. Mum wandered back into the kitchen and came back carrying a jug of gravy to the table.

'No food for you tonight, missy,' Mum said, sitting down opposite me, tucking in to her food. 'Not after the way you behaved to me.'

'I don't beleive you!' I shouted, once again storming to my room. I got under the covers in my bed, surprised I still had them. I closed my eyes and wished hard - harder that I had ever wished before; Let me be someone else.

The End

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