What has happened these last few days? I don’t remember anything these past like 3 or 4 days. Oh well, I don’t need to know. I walk into the school hall way and realize everyone is looking at me. I keep on walking, trying to ignore it, and go to my first class. I see Kyle, my lab partner, and Julie talking. I walk over to them but Kyle walks away as I walk over.

“What’s wrong with everyone,” I ask Julie.

She just stares at me like she’s trying to look inside me. Or read my thoughts.

“Oh my god, you really have no clue what’s wrong do you,” she asks after a while.

“No. What is wrong,” I ask her.

“Tanya was attacked,” she says.

I stare blankly at her. How could someone do this to her, I think to myself.

“We don’t know,” says Julie.

“What can I do to help her,” I ask.

“Stay as far away from Tanya as possible,” she says coldly and walks out of the classroom.

Class goes on normally and then we are dismissed. When second period starts, I decide to figure out what’s wrong so I skip class. I walk down the hallway until I’m sure no one can see me and shift into a snow leopard. Since it’s the middle of winter, I can try and blend in with the snow. I run as quietly as I can through the school hallway until I reach the office. Once I’m at the office, I stop and look inside. Shyla, Isaac, Max, and James are inside talking to the principal. I also see another figure that I haven’t seen in a long time. Derek is standing in the office with the others. What on earth are you doing here, I think to him. He turns around and looks around the room. I move just a tiny bit until he notices me. He walks towards me and picks me up. He walks outside far enough that I could scream and no one at the school would hear me.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here is a better question,” he says coldly.

Trying to find out what’s wrong with Tanya, I say, still being carried by him.

He throws me to the ground and walks a little distance away from me.

You didn’t have to do that you know, I say yelling at him.

“Why don’t you just go home and leave everyone else alone,” he yells back.

What did I do though, I ask him.

He stares at me but closes his eyes. A minute later I feel his mind poking around in mine. After a while he stops.

What did you just do, I ask him.

“Searched your memory. It’s there all right but not in your waking memory,” he says to me.

Like that is going to help me, I think to myself.

“Close your eyes and try to sleep. Maybe then you will remember,” he says to me.

How can I sleep when I’m angry, I yell at him.

“Let me help,” he says and closes his eyes. I’m minutes I’m asleep.


Please, think hard Margret, I hear in my head.

Think of what, I ask the voice.

What happened last night. Think of that, it says.

I think of last night and come up with a picture of Tanya. Then the picture starts moving. I am looking at her through narrow eyes. I am in the shadow so she can’t see me. I can feel that I am really big because I’m looking down on Tanya. I start moving and pin Tanya down. Why am I doing this? What did Tanya ever do to me to make me do this? I feel claws dig into my back but I don’t panic. I turn my head around and bite the other creature on the leg. It screams and jumps off my back. I am so mad by now I pick up Tanya in my mouth and bite hard, feeling the ribs crack under my teeth, taste the blood running over my tongue. After a while I get tired of this girl and toss her to the ground. I run off into the shadows but that’s where I stay. I watch what’s going on in front of me. I hear Tanya scream and scream again. The figure, Ray I think his name is, limps over to Tanya and picks her up. She screams again but faints because of all the blood she lost. Ray is now screaming at a kid, telling him to go inside and tell someone to call 911. Ray stays there, crying while he holds Tanya. I can hear him say something but I’m not sure what it was. I concentrate on it and get 3 words from it. He keeps saying I love you over and over again to Tanya. James comes out and starts screaming at Ray, blaming him for not protecting her. I hear a loud sound and hide farther into the shadows. A car pulls up with flashing lights on it and takes Tanya away leaving everyone behind.

Ok Margret, wake up, says the voice.

I don’t know if I can live with myself after that, I say in a very sad voice.

No I mean it Margret, wake up.

I try to wake myself up but notice I can’t.

I can’t wake up, I say to the voice.

I’ll wake you up then.

I wake up a few minutes later in the snow. I stand up on my paws and run away. How could I have done that and not remember it, I think to myself.

Because I made you not remember it, says a voice that stops me dead in my tracks.

Who are you, I ask the voice.

Don’t you remember me?

I think long and hard and come up with one conclution.

You’re the voice that controlled Angel, I say to the voice.

Very good. Now listen close to me. I can kill  you anyway I want to, so you have no choice but to listen to me. I want you to go find Tanya and finish the job for me. And, just to show you that I can kill you, I’ll do this.

My brain starts to feel like it’s melting and I scream. I roll around in the snow trying to get it to stop but it won’t. Finally, after at least 5 minutes of pain, it disappears.

Now, go find Tanya and kill her!

I have no choice but to obey.

The End

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