I can’t believe what happened. First, Tanya leaves, second, in the note she didn’t even say where she was going and third, when I find her she’s being attacked. Yes I am mad at her but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t save her. I won’t let anything happen to her as long as I’m here.

As I pace the waiting room of the hospital, Tanya’s friends James, Shyla, and Isaac show up. I didn’t want them to because of the state of her condition but I know they would want to know.

“Hey Ray,” says Shyla, giving me a hug, “how is she?”

I give her a hug but don’t respond.

“She isn’t doing good, is she,” asks James.

“No, she’s not,” I say.

Shyla starts crying and give Isaac a hug. She cries into his shoulder until the nurse comes out.

“Tanya,” says the nurse.

We all stand up.

“I’m sorry, only one of you can come in at a time,” she says.

We look at each other. Isaac and Shyla sit down so it’s only me and James standing.

“You go,” says James and sits down.

“Follow me,” says the nurse.

I follow her into a long hallway then into another room. She takes a seat behind a desk and I take the seat in front of her.

“Name,” she says.

“Ray,” I say.



“What’s your relationship with Tanya,” she asks.

“I’m... uh,” I say.

“You’re what,” she asks me.

“I’m her boyfriend,” I say at last.

I hope she doesn’t mind, I think to myself.

“Ok Ray. If you would like to go see her, her room is just next door to this room,” she says and goes back to the waiting room.

I get up and go into her room. There are 4 girls in there, all around Tanya’s age. I can also see Tanya and an empty bed beside her. I walk over to her, aware of the other girls watching me. I stand beside Tanya’s bed. She isn’t awake yet from her operation and she won’t be for a few hours. She has a big bandage on her waist and cuts all over her body. She’s is hooked up to an I-V tube and she is also on life support. It’s hard not to start crying at the sight of her. I sit down on a chair beside her bed and hold her hand. Tears are falling down my face and land on her bed. I look over at the other girls in the room and see they are still looking at me.

“Who are you,” asks the one closest to Tanya.

“My name is Ray,” I say to her, “who are you?”

“My name is Kylie. Nice to meet you Ray,” she says.

“Who are the other 3,” I ask her.

“Their names are Carlie, Jasmine, and Linda,” says Kylie.

“How come you are in here,” I ask her.

She doesn’t answer me right away and she turns her head.

“I’m in here because of heart faileur,” she tells me.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I say.

“No need to worry. I’ve had it since the day I was born,” she says and turns away from me.

I suddenly realize that James and Isaac are now in the room. They are talking to the other people in the room.

“Hi guys,” I say to them.

They look up at me and walk over.

“Is she awake yet,” asks James.

“No not yet. She will be in a few hours though,” I say.

“Ok well once Shyla comes, I’m taking her to her soccer practice then I’m going home,” says Isaac.

“I’m going to be going home to get some sleep,” says James, yawning.

I look over at the clock that’s on the wall. Wow, it’s 9:30 already, I think to myself.

“Ok Isaac, I’m ready to go,” says Shyla from the door.

“Ok, I’ll be right there,” says Isaac and walks over to Tanya. He bends down and kisses her forehead before he leaves. James stands up and kisses her cheek then walks out of the room. After they leave, I sit and just stare at Tanya. After a few hours, I fall to sleep.


I wake up sometime after on the spare bed beside Tanya’s bed. I look around the room and see that the other 4 girls are already awake. They look at me for a minute then go back to what they were doing before. I notice that Linda is talking to a guy who is sitting beside her bed. That much be her boyfriend, I think to myself.

“Ray,” I hear someone call faintly.

I quickly turn over and see Tanya looking at me.

“Tanya,” I say and go over to her.

I grab her hand and squeeze it as hard as I can without hurting her.

“Ray, I feel so bad right now,” she says.

“Ya, I would imagine so,” I say.

She looks around her and looks at the other girls. Then she looks at herself. I feel her become tense when she looks at herself.

“Oh god,” she says under her breath.

“I know. At least you are alive though, that’s the main thing,” I say and kiss her hand.

“But how could she have done that to me,” says Tanya.

I see tears start to fall down her face.

“How could who have done that to you,” I ask, suddenly interested.

“I trusted her and she repays me by almost killing me. How could she,” she says again.

“Who Tanya? Who did this to you,” I ask her.

She doesn’t answer. She just stares at me like I will suddenly disappear. I bend over and give her a kiss. I pull back and rest my forehead on hers.

“Tanya, who did this to you,” I ask her.

“Margret,” says Tanya and puts her head on my shoulder and starts to cry.

The End

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