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I can’t believe I’m hearing this. How could Piper be moving?

“But mom, I can’t leave, I can’t leave my friends,” says Piper, shocked.

“But we are. Another family has already bought the house,” says Piper’s mom.

“Then where are we moving to,” Piper asks her mother.

“We are moving in with your grandmother,” says her mom.

“Where does she live,” asks Piper.

“She lives in Canada in a town called Cobourg. Don’t worry, you’ll like it there,” she says and walks inside.

Piper turns to me. I put down Draak and give her a hug. Me and her both start crying.

“Piper you can’t leave,” I say to her.

“I don’t want to go,” she says.

We separate and we start walking the street. First house we stop off at is Shyla’s. We knock on the door and Shyla answers the door. Everyone is there. This will be harder than going 1 by 1, I think to myself.

“Piper we were waiting for you,” says Shyla standing in the door way. She looks over at me and gives me the biggest hug.

“Shyla I’ve missed you,” I say, crying.

“We have all missed you,” she says and brings us inside.

I am surrounded by everyone instantly and am attacked by hugs and tears. It is the longest 10 minutes of my life. Finally everyone goes back to sitting down. They turn to me and Piper.

“What brings you 2 here,” asks Margret.

Me and Piper exchange a look and sit down.

“I have some bad news,” says Piper.

“Oh no,” says Julie, almost crying.

“Please don’t say it Julie,” I say to her and give her a hug.

“But why,” she asks, crying into my shoulder.

“What’s going on,” asks James.

I hear Piper sigh.

“I’m moving, to Canada,” she says at last.

There is a look of shock on everyone’s faces while this sinks in. Finally everyone gets up and gives Piper a big hug.

“You can’t move,” I hear Max say.

“What will we do without you,” says Lorel.

“Please don’t move,” says Isaac.

I decide to leave the room and go outside. It’s a nice night out. The stars are shinning bright and the moon is at its fullest. From the corner of my eye I see movement and turn to see James standing beside me. He reaches over and gives me a hug. I hug him back, knowing how hard it must have been for him not knowing where I was.

“I was worried about you,” he says.

“Everyone was worried about me. Well, everyone but Margret anyway,” I say.

“I know,” he says to me.

We stand in silence for a long time. After a while he goes back inside. I see more movement and see Draak come out of the bushes.

“Draak,” I say and run over to him, “I’m so sorry I forgot about you.”

“It’s ok I went out to practice. See watch I can pull my wings out now,” he says and shuts his eyes. In a moment, big wings come out from his back and almost knock him over.

“Wow, impressive,” I say and pick him up.

He hugs me from around my neck and I hug him back.

“We aren’t going back, are we,” he asks.

“No we aren’t. I don’t belong there and as long as I’m alive, you will stay with me ok,” I say.

“Ok. I like being with you anyway,” he says and hugs me again.

All of a sudden I’m knocked to the ground and Draak is sent into the air. There is a lot of weight on top of me and I can’t move. I move my head and see golden blonde hair. I put it together and guess it’s a lion.

“What are you doing? Get off of her,” says a voice from behind me.

Who is that, I ask myself.

The weight is increased on my back and I can’t breath. The lion won’t budge no matter how hard the other person is trying. Finally, the extra weight is lifted off and I can breath again. The lion still doesn’t move so I have no way out. I try to move but the lion just digs his claws in more.

“What do you want from her,” asks the person behind me.

None of your business, says the lion and picks me up in its mouth. Its teeth sink through into my skin and I scream. It has me by my middle. I can feel my ribs start to crush my lungs from the pressure of the teeth. The lion isn’t normal sized, it’s bigger than any lion I have ever seen. Finally I am able to see who was trying to help me. To my surprise it’s Ray.

“Ray,” I scream, “help me!”

“I’ll get you out of there, don’t worry,” says Ray and transforms into a tiger and attacks the lion.

“I’ll help you too,” says Draak from the air and shifts into his full dragon.

Draak, go for the back, I’ll go for the legs, says Ray.

I’m going for the neck, says Draak and knocks the lion off its feet.

I`m sent flying through the air and crash on the ground. I scream out in pain. I feel someone help me up and I scream again but I`m quickly rushed off. I look over and see it`s Ray.

“Ray, help me,” I say to him and faint.

The End

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