(Sorry for the confusion but this chapter is in Piper's POV)


Well that was a complete waste. We walk all the way to the outsiders to find out that she has been gone since yesterday. Either way, I’m going home. We can search for her tomorrow. We walk up the hill and go to our houses. My mom is home. I go inside and see her sitting at the table.

“Where have you been,” she asks me, not looking up from the table.

“Mom I’m sorry. I was out looking for Tanya,” I say to her from the doorway.

“I know. Her mother is very worried about her, just as I was worried about you,” she says to me.

“I’ll call next time ok,” I say to her, “we haven’t found her yet but we are close.”

“No. You are not going out with those people for a while. You are to stay in the house and only leave for school,” she says, finally looking at me.

I can’t believe she just said that. I can’t lead my group anymore. Who is going to be leader? Who will find Tanya and bring her home? What about Margret? Someone has to help her.

“Mom you can’t be serious,” I say to her, almost in tears.

“But I am. Your encounter with you father and brother reminded me why I left him. Being with these friends of yours is making you just like him. Selfish, greedy, and stubborn,” she says.

“Look I didn’t know that dad wanted to hunt me. I promise to be more careful next time but you can’t take away my position, please,” I say, finally in tears.

“I already took it up with the others parents and they all agree you need to leave the group for a while. You may return to it after you 17th birthday,” she says and leaves the room.

How could she do this to me? What have I done that is so wrong? I go upstairs, crying, and call Isaac. He picks up on the second ring, saying he’s with Shyla and that I can come over if I want.

“Isaac, you have to listen to me,” I say, still crying, “my mother just stripped me of my leadership in the group.”

There is a pause on the other end.

“When did she do this,” I hear Shyla ask.

“Probably while we were all out looking,” I say and flop onto my bed.

“Look, Piper, if it makes you feel any better, we know where Tanya is,” says Isaac.

“Where,” I say, sitting up.

“She’s with this group of kids not to far from here,” says Isaac.

I look around my room and then get up and shut my door.

“Thanks guys. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I say. And before they can say anything, I hang up.

I know what they are talking about. I used to belong to that group years ago. But unlike them, I didn’t train to become a shape shifter and I didn’t live there. It was a place for me to get away from my mother and father when they were fighting.

I find a few things in my room and then open my window. I climb down the big maple tree just outside my window and start walking. I walk to Max and Isaac’s house first to check on something.

Max opens the door before I even get there.

“What are you doing here,” he asks me.

“I need a favour,” I say to him.

10 minutes later, I’m riding on Max’s back, running full speed to the kid group. A little distance away and he lets me off. I walk the rest of the way and sneak into my old cabin, now home to Tanya. I sneak in through a window and go into the biggest room, an ocean room. I open the door and find that there are 2 people in the bed. I walk closer and see that it’s Tanya and Ray. Being careful not to wake Ray, I wake up Tanya and take her into the forest.

“What are you doing here,” she asks me once we are a shouting distance away from the camp.

“I’m taking you home,” I say.

“Really? Oh my god Piper that wonderful. I thought I was going to be stuck here forever,” she says and hugs me.

“It’s ok Tanya. I’m just happy to see you are safe. Now, let’s go,” I say and start to walk away.

“I’m not leaving without Draak,” she says.

“Fine, go get Draak,” I say.

What’s Draak, I think to myself.

She returns a few minutes later with a little boy.

“He’s Draak? He’s a kid though,” I say.

“Yes and he’s my responsibility,” she says and starts walking.

“What about Ray,” I ask her, catching up.

“I left him a note saying I went home,” she says.

I pause for a moment, confused about what Tanya said before.

“Doesn’t Draak mean dragon,” I ask her.

“Ya. If you were here you could have helped me with that,” she says, laughing.

We walk in silence the rest of the way home. When I get inside, my mother is standing in my room. She looks very angry and sad at the same time.

“Mom what’s wrong,” I ask, thinking I know the answer.

“We’re moving,” she says and starts crying.

The End

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