It was a surprise to see Piper back here again so fast. Once she mentions Tanya, I start to worry. I shouldn’t even be worrying about her. I mean, I’ve known her for most of my life but I’m older than her. I’m 17 and she’s 15. Sure it’s not that big of a deal but she is still younger than me. Derek is the one who loves her, not me...right?

“Derek, where are you going,” I hear from the bushes.


“Oh uh I’m just going to get some air,” I say and run out of the camp.

If they were to have gone somewhere, they would have gone to the outsiders. I’m sure Alex took her there. Instead of heading for the outsiders though, I head for a group just outside of town. They are really young but if Tanya were to have gone anywhere, maybe she was there. Better to take a different route than to follow the same path as the others anyway. I run out of the trees and stop for a moment to shift. Very soon, I’m on the run again. It takes me longer than I expected to reach the kid camp but I get there. The first person I see is a beautiful 13 year old.

Uh excuse me, I say to her.

“Huh, who’s there,” she asks.

Look over here, I say and snap a twig.

She looks over at me and her eyes grow wide. She walks over to me and sits beside me, careful not to touch me.

“Who are you,” she asks me.

It doesn’t matter. I’m here looking for Tanya, I say.

“Oh the vampire girl, she’s in her cabin with a kid probably,” she says to me.

Who, I ask her.

“A little boy around 3 years old. Her cabin is right over there,” she says pointing to a nice wood cabin.

I get up and run for the cabin. I burst in to see Tanya and a little boy sitting on the floor.

“Alex,” Tanya asks me.

No, it’s me, Ray, I say to her.

“Oh my god. Ray,” she says and runs over to me.

I shift back into human form so I can hug her back.

“How did you find me,” she asks, pulling away from me.

“I just went in a different direction than the others did and here you are,” I say.

“The others? You mean Belle and Danny and Alex,” she asks me.

“No. I mean “the others” as in Piper and everyone else,” I say.

She stands up and walks over to the little boy. He also gets up but he leaves the room. As soon as he’s gone, she walks back over to me and pulls me to my feet. She leans her head up and she kisses me. It startles me at first then I kiss her back. She doesn’t pull away until she hears something at the door. She grabs me by the arm and takes me into a beautiful ocean bedroom.

“Stay here,” she tells me and shuts the door.

I walk over to the door and press my ear to it. I only catch little of what they are saying.

“Dinner is ready,” says a boy.

Tanya says something that I don’t catch.

“No I haven’t seen anyone here like that,” says the boy.

“Ok, thanks Adelaar,” says Tanya.

Adelaar says something about a door and a little boy but I don’t catch it.

“No, he’s in his room, not mine. My door is shut because I don’t want him going in there,” says Tanya.

“Ok well hurry up. Dinner won’t wait for you two,” says Adelaar and walks away.

I hear footsteps so I step away from the door just as Tanya opens it.

“Look, you can stay here for a while but you have to leave sooner or later,” she says to me.

“I know. But won’t you come back with me to the camp,” I ask her.

“Maybe eventually but right now, I can’t leave Draak,” she says pointing to the door the little boy went through.

Note, little boy’s name is Draak and there is someone here named Adelaar.

“Hey, doesn’t Adelaar mean eagle,” I ask her.

“Ya it does. Do you know what Draak means,” Tanya asks me.

“No sorry,” I say to her.

“Ok, well I’m going to go get some supper with Draak and I’ll come back later and give you some food,” she says to me.

“Ok. Where can I sleep,” I ask her.

“Where else? Use my bed,” she says and shuts the door.

I hesitate for a moment wondering if she’s kidding but I don’t care. I go over to the bed and lie down on it. In no time, I’m asleep.


I wake up next to a warm figure. For a second I think it’s just a pillow or a blanket but then it breaths and I find out its Tanya. I guess she came back when I was asleep, I think to myself. I get a chill down my back and I move in closer to Tanya to keep warm. She stirs but doesn’t wake up. She move herself closer to me and puts her arm around me, then stops moving. That’s when I realize my shirt is gone. I guess I hadn’t noticed that it was wet. I go back to sleep for a few more hours and wake up just as Tanya is waking. I keep my eyes closed but open enough to see Tanya. She smile and kisses my forehead then leaves. I get up once she’s gone and go into the living room. I sit down on the couch for a bit then stand up as I hear Tanya enter the room.

“Morning,” I say to her.

“Good morning,” she says to me, smiling.

I can’t help but smile back. What’s going on, I ask myself. For the past few days, all I can think about is Tanya. I’m always happy when I’m around her and I’m flying like an eagle when I kiss her. Maybe I do love her after all.

I find a shirt in Tanya’s room and put it on. Did Adelaar give this to her or did she find it last night, I ask myself but quickly push the thought aside.

“Ray,” I hear Tanya call from outside the door, “I’m going to take a shower. Can you keep an eye on Draak?”

“Ya, I’ll watch him for you,” I say and walk out of the room.

“Thanks. He shouldn’t be much trouble but if he is, play some music that’s in the sterio,” she says and walks to the washroom.

This is the first time I am left alone with him.

“Who are you,” he asks me.

“My name is Ray,” I tell him.

“Are you a vampire also,” he asks me.

“Yes I am,” I say to him.

He walks over to me and circles me.

“You’re part shifter too,” he says to me.

“Yes I am. How did you know that,” I ask him.

“Besides seeing you yesterday, you have a little bit of a shifter vibe coming from you,” he says and walks to the couch.

“Uh ok. So, you don’t know what you shift into,” I ask him.

He shakes him head. “I would love to find out though so I can train with all my friends,” he says.

I don’t have time to respond cause the door is being opened. I try to run to Tanya’s room but it’s too late. Adelaar walks in and stares at me.

“What are you doing here,” he asks me.

I can’t answer him. Just then, Tanya comes out of the washroom.

“Why is he here,” asks Adelaar.

“What are you doing in here,” she asks him, closing her robe tighter around herself and walking over to me.

“I herd an unfamiliar voice so I decided to check it out,” he says, now staring at Tanya.

I stand in front of Tanya so his gaze is brought back to me.

“Look,” I say to him, “I’m only here for a little while, then I’ll be out of here but until then, I need you not to tell anyone I’m here,” I say to him.

“And why should I not tell anyone,” he says, backing toward the door.

“Ray,” I hear from behind me.

I shift into a tiger and jump on him.

“You can shift,” he asks me.

Well look at that, looks like I can.

“But aren’t you vampire,” he asks me.

Yes I am. Now I need you to leave here and forget that you saw me, I say and get off of him.

He stands up and leaves the cabin. It’s then that I feel another body beside me. I look over to see and black panther.

Tanya, I ask it.

Ya it’s me, she says.

I shift back into a human and so does she.

“When did you learn to do that,” I ask her.

“I don’t know. I got really mad at Adelaar and I was just beside you. I didn’t even think about it,” she says.

“Well it’s nice to know now that you can shift,” I say to her.

“What about me?! I’m a shape shifter and I can’t shift but you two vampires can? What’s up with that,” says Draak from the other side of the room.

“Don’t be so upset,” says Tanya.

“Go away,” says Draak and flies away.

Wait, flies? Since when could this kid fly?

“Did you...” I say.

“Ya,” says Tanya.

“Hey Draak. Do you realize you’re 10 feet off the ground,” I say to him.

He looks down and his eyes widen. I guess he realizes something cause suddenly, instead of the little boy Draak, I’m standing face to face with a full grown dragon.

“Draak,” says Tanya, a little surprised.

Look at that. I’m a dragon!

“Draak, you can’t let anyone outside this group know that you’re a dragon, ok,” I ask him.

Why not? This is amazing, he says to me.

“Because you could die,” says Tanya.

The End

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