Spending the past 3 days in the health cabin is a pain. Belle has me and Ray under 24 hour watch by Margret. She won’t even let me out.

“Piper, standing by the door won’t do you any good,” says Ray.

“Ya I know. I just wanted to talk to Margret,” I say and walk back to my bed.

“You really want to get out of here don’t you,” he asks me.

“Of course. My group has no leader right now,” I say.

Ray looks around then gets off his bed. He walks over to me and grabs my arm. He pulls me to the far side of the cabin.

“I usually don’t do this but here,” he says and lifts up 2 boards from the wall.

“You’re letting me go,” I ask him.

“Yes. And since I’m one of the leaders I say you can go,” he says.

I don’t question that. I squeeze out of the whole and run for the trees. It takes me a while to get back to the group but I do. I find Shyla and Isaac sitting outside Isaac’s house. When I walk up to them, they stand up and give me a hug.

“Piper, you’ve been gone for so long. We thought something bad happened to you,” says Shyla.

“Where’s Margret, Erik, and Tanya,” asks Isaac.

“About that,” I say pulling away from Shyla, “I know where Margret and Erik are but not Tanya. I found her but then Alex took her away. I haven’t seen her in 2 days,” I say to them.

“We have to go find her,” says Isaac and starts walking.

I block his way and Shyla grabs his arm.

“What are you two doing,” he asks us.

“You can’t go by yourself,” says Shyla.

“Who said I was going to,” he asks us.

“Then, who were you going to take with you,” I ask him.

“Max, James, Lorel, you, Shyla, and Julie. See, I won’t be going alone,” he says.

Me and Shyla look at each other then finally we agree with him. We go and get everyone and head out to look for Tanya. The first place we go is to Ray and Belle’s group. Everyone is in the clearing and they look at us when we enter.

“What do you want,” asks Danny.

“We need to talk to Belle and Alex,” I say to him.

He just stands there for a minute then he runs off. A minute later he returns with Belle and Alex.

“What do you want Piper,” asks Alex.

“I came to talk to you two,” I say.

“Fine. Follow us,” says Belle.

We follow them to a cabin at the far side of the clearing. We all go inside along with Derek.

“Ok, what’s this about,” asks Alex.

“We came to find out where Tanya is,” says Max.

As soon as he mentioned her name, Alex looked extreamly sad and Derek looked angry.

“We don’t know where she is,” says Belle after a moment.

“You don’t know,” asks James.

“No. I dropped her off at a group of outsiders just outside of town but she’s not there anymore,” says Alex.

My group looks at each other in shock. After a minute, I turn back to Alex.

“Can you show us where this group lives,” I ask.

“Sure I can. Here, follow me,” she says and walks out of the room.

We all get up and go out of the cabin to see Alex transform into a tiger.

Who here can go as fast as me, asks Alex.

“Shyla and Max can,” says Julie.

Alright, Shyla and Max, come with me.

Max turns into a werewolf and starts walking after her. Shyla looks like she’s going to run off at any moment.

“We will be right behind you guys. When you find them, Shyla and Alex stay there and then send Max back for us,” I say to them.

“You got it Piper,” says Max.

Alex, Shyla and Max speed away and the rest of us start walking. Belle and Derek stay in the clearing while we leave. We walk in silence for 10 minutes until Julie says something.

“What if she’s not there,” she asks us.

“Then we get one of them to tell us where she is,” says Lorel.

We walk in silence for the rest of the way. Max appears from up the road and we race to meet him.

“It’s just up ahead,” he says and turns around.

“Thanks Max,” I say.

We race after Max as he leads us to the camp. Once we are there, we go in search of Erik.

“Tanya,” calls Shyla.

“Shyla, be quiet. We can’t just start screaming her name in the middle of a camp,” says Alex.

Erik appears from the far side of the clearing and heads toward us.

“Welcome,” he says.

“Where’s Tanya,” I ask him.

“She’s not here,” he says.

The End

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