Wow, I think to myself. I didn’t see that coming. One minute they were fighting, the next he was kissing her.

Um Ray, I think to him.

He pulls away from Tanya and looks over at me.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t even know I was kissing her,” he says to me.

“Ray,” Tanya says.

“Ya,” he says.

“I don’t think we should have done that,” she says, not even looking at him.

She’s staring at the doorway, I think to myself and look behind me. Right at the door is Derek.

“Derek look I didn’t mean to,” Ray says to him.

“You little trader,” Derek yells at him.

There is a silence while Derek and Ray just stare at each other, then Derek attacks Ray. Before I know it, I’m running over to Tanya and moving her out of the room. Once we are out, I get Tanya onto my back and run her out of the cabin. I don’t know where I’m going but I know Tanya isn’t safe here anymore. I run her out of the forest and past her old group. I take her somewhere near the edge of town where a group of outsiders live.

“Alex, why am I here,” she asks me.

You aren’t safe there anymore, I think to her.

“But why not? I have the protection of you guys, don’t I,” she asks me.

No, not with one of the leaders in a rage. Ray and Derek won’t just hurt each other. Derek will come after you and harm you if he finds you.

“Why would he hurt me,” she asks me.

Because you kissed Ray. Derek loves you and he thinks you betrayed him.

“Oh, ok. At least I know one of these outsiders,” she tells me.

You do, I ask. What one?

“That one over there,” she says pointing to a guy walking toward us.

“Hi Tanya,” he says to her.

“Hi Erik. It’s nice to finally meet you,” she says to him.

Wait, you haven’t met him before? Then how do you know him, I ask.

“My friend Tily is his girlfriend,” she says to me.

“Who’s that,” asks Erik.

“That’s Alex. She’s from the vampire group down the road,” she says.

“Is Alex a vampire or a shape shifter,” he asks, “or is she just a tiger?”

“She’s a vampire but she can also shift, so can my friend Ray,” I say.

A stab goes through my heart at the mention of his name. I should be fighting beside him, I think to myself.

“Thanks for the ride Alex,” she says to me.

No problem, I say to her, and Erik, I say turning toward him, take care of her please.

“You have my word,” he says to me and leads her away.

Now I have to get back to Ray, I think to myself and run back.

It takes me a while to run back since I was running through trees. I emerge in the clearing to find Danny and Belle standing near the fire. Once they see me they stand up and run at me. I can’t shift now or tell them, I need to get to Ray. I jump pass them and run for the cabin. When I get there, it’s dead quiet. That’s not a good sign, I think and run inside. Once I’m in the room I can see everything. There is blood everywhere but no one is here. The health cabin, I think and run back out. The cabin was only guarded by Margret so it was easy for me to get inside.

Ray, I think.

I hear stirring.

Ray, is that you, I think.

“Ya it’s me,” he says from a bed on the other side of the room.

I run over to see what happened. To my surprise, he’s not that badly hurt.

Are you ok, I ask him.

“Yes I’m fine,” he tells me.

What about all the blood in Tanya’s room, I ask him.

“Most of it is Derek’s,” he says.

I shift back to human and hug him.

“I’m so glad you are ok,” I say to him.

He pulls away from me, worry in his eyes.

“Where is Tanya,” he asks me.

“I brought her to a group of outsiders who she knew,” I told him.

“But the only group of outsiders is 3 hours away. You couldn’t have run that fast,” says Piper from the other side of the room.

Then that means, I think to myself, Tanya is in trouble and I got her into it

The End

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