I guess I should have told people I could shape shift. Piper seems to be taking it pretty well though.

“You can’t leave yet,” I say bitterly.

Automatically, her face becomes expressionless.

“Why should I listen to you? I’m leader too you know,” she says to me.

“You should listen to me because you’re on my land,” I say to her.

She hesitates then sits down.

“Isn’t this a decision you and Belle should make together,” she asks me.

“She told me to make any command needed to keep you here,” I tell her.

She just sits there, staring at me like I’m dirt, then turns away from me.

I walk out of the room and return to my spot on the other side of the door from Margret. I don’t know why we let her guard the door but at least she’s not letting her by. I shift back into a tiger and stay in place until Jev comes back. After she returns, I walk away and down the road. No one knows that I can shift so I get a lot of puzzled looks from everyone. I ignore them and walk to the cabin that I want to visit. Tanya’s.

“Go away from here,” I hear a voice from behind me.

I turn around to see Derek. Oh great, I might have to fight him, I think to myself. We just stand there, staring at each other, then finally he turns and walks away. The last thing I want is for Derek to find out that I can shift. I walk into the cabin and walk right into Alex. She’s the only one in this whole group who knows I can shift. She is my best friend after all. She gestures for me to follow her outside. Once we are somewhere hidden, she sits beside me and starts talking.

“You shouldn’t be going near her Ray,” she says to me.

I know I shouldn’t, I think to her, but I need to see for myself that she is ok but I can’t see her in my human form.

“Why do you need to see her to make sure she’s ok? Why not just take my word that she is fine,” she asks me.

Because, I think standing up, that would mean me turning around and not making things right with her.

“Then I’m going in with you,” she says to me and stands up.

No, you can’t go with me Alex, I think to her.

“Why not? I’m not going to let you get killed by her,” she says to me.

I think about this for a second. I never really thought about that before. Of course she could kill me, she’s strong enough now. Finally I agree.

Ok, you can come but you have to shift too, I say to her.

I guess she forgot that she told me she could also shift because she seems a little startled, then she shifts into a tiger also. We walk into the cabin, un-seen and go to Tanya’s room. Once we are inside, we start looking around for her. She has a big room and she could be anywhere. I go and check the kitchen area and come back to see Tanya biting down on Alex’s neck.

Let her go, I scream to her in my mind and attack her.

Me and Tanya wrestle for a bit, then I pin her.

“What do you want,” she snarls at me.

To fix things, I think to her.

“Wait. Ray,” she asks and relaxes.

Ya, it’s me, I think to her, will you stay calm long enough for me to let you go?

“Yes,” she says to me.

I let her up and went over to Alex.

“Who’s that,” Tanya asks me.

Alex, I think simply.

“Oh. I’m so sorry Ray,” she says to me, unsympathetically.

I growl at her and go back to Alex. She’s already starting to recover from it though so I go back to Tanya.

I came to fix things with you, I think to her.

“Well good luck with that because I will not forgive you,” she says.

Why, I ask.

“You almost killed me. The first time you ever shifted you almost killed me,” she says to me.

That’s why she won’t stay around you, asks Alex.

Yes, I think to her. I lost control and almost killed her.

“And I will never forgive you for it,” she says to me, almost crying.

I didn’t mean to do it Tanya, I say, walking up to her, it was my first time. You have to believe that I meant you no harm.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that I trusted you and you almost took my life. Now, would you please just leave me alone,” she says to me, walking away from me.

I run forward and block her way.

No, I won’t leave you alone. Look, I made a stupid mistake that night. I was inexperienced and young but I can control myself now. Please Tanya, forgive me.

She looks at me for a minute then falls to her knees. Once she’s on the ground, she hugs me.

“I know you didn’t mean it Ray. I’m sorry I’ve been mean to you ever since,” she says, crying into my shoulder.

I shift back into human form and hug her back. We sit like this for a while until she stops crying. She pulls away from me and looks me in the eyes. Her eyes are so blue, I think to myself. They’re full of such happiness it makes my heart skip. Then before either of us could stop it, I was kissing her.

The End

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