It was great that Tanya got to see the group again but I think she was over whelmed because she just ran away. I slept on the floor outside her room since she wouldn’t let me in. In the morning, I heard voices coming from the room but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. As soon as they stopped, I tried the door again. Still locked. Ok this is gone on far enough, I think and break the lock. Once inside, I notice Tanya isn’t there anymore.

“Tanya,” I call out.

No answer.

I run toward the bed and notice that something happened here. Suddenly, pictures fill my mind. I see Tanya sleeping in the bed with another person. She sits up and pins the other person down. He introduces himself as Derek.

Derek, that snake, I think.

Tanya actually wanted to go with him too. He came back earlier today and took her away, while I was sleeping. I run for the phone and call Tily.

“Hello,” I hear a voice.

“Tily, it’s Piper. Look, Tanya disappeared. I think she went and joined Derek and his group,” I say to her.

There’s a pause while she soaks it all in.

“Ok, what do you want me to do,” she asks me.

“Well you’re human so it wouldn’t help you much to go into a group of vampires but you do have a boyfriend right,” I ask her.

“Ya,” says Tily.

“And he’s a vampire, right,” I ask her.

“Oh I get what you’re getting at. I’ll call him up and tell him to meet you and Margret in the park,” she says and hangs up.

Ok well I wasn’t going to invite Margret but I guess it doesn’t do any harm to have a bit of muscle with us, I think and call her.

About 15 minutes later, me, Margret and Erik are heading towards the high school. The other group is in the forest right beside the school and that’s where they live.

“Margret, since you’re a wolf, can you scout ahead and see if you can see them,” asks Erik.

She growls at him.

Why should I listen to you, outsider, says Margret.

“Because, he’s the leader of this mission and you are to listen to him when he tells you to do something,” I tell her.

She glares at me and runs ahead.

What’s gotten into her, I ask myself.

A few minutes later, me and Erik show up by Margret. We look through the trees and see the other group, all eating dinner. I look around some more and pick out some people I know. There’s Belle and Ray, the leaders, Alex, Ray’s best friend, Danny, a pitiful excuse for a vampire and Derek. Sitting right beside Derek, I see Tanya.

Let’s get her, thinks Margret and starts to move forward.

“No Margret, not until we can get her alone,” says Erik.

A little while later, everyone starts to head back to their houses. The last people in the clearing are Tanya and Derek.

“Why won’t that guy leave her alone for a bit,” I ask angrily.

“I don’t know but I don’t think he will leave her so I suggest we just go in and get her out,” says Erik.

You’re the boss, thinks Margret and jumps through the trees.

Me and Erik both jump out at the same time, landing in the middle of the clearing just a few feet away from Derek and Tanya. Derek seems startled and doesn’t react fast enough because Margret is on top of him in seconds.

“Get off of him,” Tanya screams.

“Make her,” Erik says in her ear and picks her up.

“Let her go,” Derek says, fighting with Margret.

I’ve noticed something. Ever since the night of Tanya’s “death”, Margret seems to be more angrier and more powerful.

“Wait, stop,” I say.

Everyone stops.

“Tanya, why did you run away,” I turn and ask her.

She doesn’t answer me, she’s too busy fighting with Erik. Finally, she bites Erik in the neck and he lets her go. She doesn’t release her grip on Erik, in fact, she bites down harder. I run over to her and rip her off Erik. This time, she just turns to me. What she says, scares me.

“Now you will know what it felt like when you bit me,” she says to me and bites my neck.

Pain shoots through my body and I fall to the ground. Tanya doesn’t let go of me. She’s taking my blood by force, I think.

“Honey, let go of Piper,” I hear Derek shout.

Instantly Tanya lets go. I fall to the ground and black out.


When I come to, I’m in a cabin. Where am I, I think to myself.

Don’t move Piper, says a voice.

I listen and don’t move a muscle. When she’s done, I sit up and look at her. She has short blonde hair and grey/blue eyes. This girl can’t possibly be a vampire, I think.

“Um, where am I,” I ask her.

“You’re still where you are from the fight,” she says to me.

“Who are you,” I ask her.

“My name is Jevila, but everyone calls me Jev,” she says to me.

“Oh, you must be the witch in this group,” I say to her.

“Yes I am and I am also the healer,” she says to me.

“My witch is James and my healer is Lorel. It must me hard being both,” I say to her.

“No actually, it’s very easy,” she says and walks out of the cabin.

I don’t think I’m supposed to leave the cabin but I do. The first thing I see is a tiger and a panther guarding the door. The panther I’m sure is Margret but the tiger, I have no clue. Both of the animals look at me and growl for me to get back inside. When I don’t move, the tiger stands up and walks towards me. I back up but it follows me inside. Once I can’t move any farther, the tiger transforms. I close my eyes. When I open them again, I’m staring face to face with Ray.

The End

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