Of course Derek had an announcement when he got back, he always does. Me and Belle were betting on what he was going to say. Turns out, we were both wrong.

“A girl,” asks Danny.

“Yes a girl. She wants to know if she could come here and live a life with us,” Derek says.

“That should be me and Ray’s choice, don’t you think Derek,” asks Belle.

Me and Belle are the leaders of our group, just like Piper is leader of the Dark Circle up the road. Our groups are rivals and we never talk to each other.

“Look, this girl is really confused right now. She’s a pre-made vampire,” says Derek.

“What’s the girls name,” I ask.

“She says her name is Honey,” he tells me.

I turn to Belle. She nods at me and I nod back.

“Ok, she can come here but you have to look after her until she comes to,” says Belle.

“No problem,” says Derek and stands up.

“Wait, where are you going,” I say, blocking his way.

“To go get her,” he says, jumping over me and running off.

“I hope he knows what he’s doing,” I say to Alex.

“Same here,” she says to me.

About 45 minutes later, Derek comes back.

“It’s about time you got here,” I say.

“Sorry but she’s not that fast of a runner yet,” he says to me.

I look around.

“Where is she,” I ask.

“She’s just behind me,” he says and turns around.

Walking out of the forest comes a beautiful girl. She has long black hair up to her waist and deep blue eyes. I can see why Derek wanted to bring her back, I think to myself and step forward.

“Hi I’m Ray,” I say to her and hold out my hand.

She says nothing and shakes my hand.

“Hi I’m Belle,” says Belle holding out her hand.

“Hi,” she says and shakes her hand.

Everyone takes turns introducing themselves then go back to what they were doing before.

“Honey, would you like to know what house we’ll be in,” asks Derek.

“Ya,” she says and yawns.

“Derek, why don’t I take her to her room and you go see if Belle can use some help with the lights,” I say to Derek.

“Ok, you’re the boss,” he says to me and turns to Honey.

“I’m going to go now. You go with Ray and he’ll show you where to go ok,” he says.

“Ok,” says Honey and gives him a hug.

Honey follows me and we start walking around. We don’t say a word until Honey breaks the silence.

“Ray,” she says to me.

“Ya,” I say.

“What would you say if I told you a story,” she asks me.

“I wouldn’t mind,” I say and we move to the grass to sit down.

And then she tells me about where she came from before this. Piper changed her into a vampire only about 2 weeks ago and she doesn’t remember a thing, not even her own name.

“So once I met Derek I thought this could be the chance to forget about my old life and begin a new one,” she says.

“So Honey isn’t your name,” I ask her.

“No. Well, not that I know of. A few of my friends didn’t say anything and when some did talk they also called me Honey,” she says.

I stand up and look at her. She defiantly is from Piper’s group, I think. I’ve met all the people from her group so I should know who she is. Thin, long hair, green eyes. Yes I’ve seen her before. I close my eyes and think. A few minutes later, it hits me.

“I have to go,” I say to her.

“Wait, why,” she asks.

“I shouldn’t been seen with you. Last time I was, we both almost died,” I say and walk away from her.

“But I don’t remember you, how could that be possible,” she asks, catching up to me.

I look around and pull her into a bush to hide us.

“Look. I need to tell you something. My name isn’t Ray and your name isn’t Honey. Your name is Tanya,” I say to her.

“Well then what’s your name,” she asks me.

“Once I tell you, you should remember,” I say to her.

“Then say it,” she hisses at me.

I sigh. “My name is Raymond,” I say to her.

Shock crosses her face.

“No way. I knew you looked familiar. Why are you here,” she asks me angrily.

“I live here,” I tell her.

“Look just stay away from me,” she says and walks away.

 “Ray,” I here Belle call.

“I’ll be right out,” I say and carefully pull myself out of the bush.

“What were you doing in there and where is Honey,” she asks.

“I think she went to go look for Derek,” I said.

“Ok well dinner is ready,” she says and turns around.

“I’ll be there in a little bit,” I tell her.

“Fine with me but don’t forget that you have to help Derek with the new girl,” she says.


The End

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