I hate not telling everyone that I’m still alive. I wish they knew because then they wouldn’t be so sad. Piper says that I should just stay hidden for a little bit. I can’t seem to remember my name. She keeps calling me honey so I think that’s my name. They only person besides Piper who knows I’m alive is a guy named Cory.

“Honey you up here,” calls a voice.

Yay! Piper’s back!

“Hi Piper,” I call out.

“Oh good you know my name now,” she says bringing me some food.

I look down at it. It’s the cutest rabbit I’ve ever seen. Suddenly, hunger washes over me and I lunge at the rabbit.

“Once you’re done this I want you to come downstairs with me,” she says.

Why? What’s down there, I think to her.

“You’ll see once you get there,” she says.

I finish off the rabbit and follow her downstairs. I take a good look at her as we go down and notice that some of her hair is missing and she has gashes all over her.

“Are you ok,” I ask her.

“Uh ya I’m fine. I just fell on the way here. I’m fine,” she tells me.

As soon as I’m about to question her, we reach the bottom of the stairs. I turn to see people in the living room.

“Honey, do you remember them,” Piper asks me.

“Some of them,” I say, “That one over there is Lorel, and those 2 people are Shyla and Isaac, and the other girl is Margret. I don’t remember them though,” I say pointing at 2 boys.

“That’s Max and James,” Piper tells me.

I walk over to the one she called Max and look over him. He seems familiar to me but I don’t know why. The other boy, James, I recognize. He was the last one I saw before I woke up here. I walk up to him and give him a hug. He hugs me back but not a tight hug.

“I remember you James,” I say to him, “but I don’t remember you,” I say to Max.

“That’s ok,” he says and sits down.

“What about us? You remember us right,” I here 2 voices from across the room.

I turn around to see a tall girl and a shorter girl.

“Ya. You’re Julie,” I say to the tall one, “but I don’t remember you,” I say to the sorter one.

“I can see why,” she says to me, “I’ve been gone for the past year. The names Tily,” she says holding out a hand.

“Hi,” I say and shake her hand.

“She came back from Florida after you left,” says James.

I look them all over. They are still talking but I seem to be in a different reality than they are because I can’t hear them talking. They all look familiar but just because I remember their names doesn’t mean I remember who they are. I know that James is a witch, Margret is a shape shifter and that Piper is a vampire. But the others, I just can’t seem to remember. This is too much for me, I scream in my head and run up the stairs. I shut the door to my room and lock it so no one can come up. I hear Piper knocking at the door, telling me to open up but I just go over to the far corner of the room and curl up into a ball. A few minutes later, I’m asleep.


I wake up with a major head ache. Too much has gone on for me to handle. I need a new life, a new start. I stretch and feel that I am no longer on the floor but on the bed and there is a person beside me. I look over and see it’s a guy. I’ve never seen him in my life but just that one look at him told me that he’s a vampire. I look him over a bit and notice that he has black hair, like mine, but it’s really short. I poke him in the side and he wakes up. I jump off the bed and pin him to the bed.

“Who are you,” I growl at him.

“It’s ok girly, you can let me go,” he says.

“Who are you,” I growl again.

“The names Derek,” he says.

“Why are you in my bed,” I ask him.

“I was keeping you company. You looked so lonely and frightened sleeping in the corner so I moved you to the bed and I guess I fell asleep too,” he says.

I hesitate for a minute then let him go. He sits up and looks at me.

“So do you have a name,” he asks me.

“Honey,” I say.

“Beautiful name,” he says.

“How did you get in here? I locked the door,” I say walking over to the door and moving the knob. Still locked.

“I came in through the window,” he says.

“Oh,” I say and look around.

Ok so this guy is majorly cute but I don’t even know him. He stands up and I notice how tall he is. He’s about 3 inches taller than me and I’m already 5’9”. His eyes are also really brown. Then I start thinking. He could be my chance at a new life, for a fresh start.

“You ok,” he asks me after I don’t talk for a bit.

“Ya I’m fine. Do you live near here,” I ask him.

“Actually yes I do. I live just past the high school,” he says.

“Can we go there? I need to start a new life, away from all those people who were here before,” I say to him.

Derek hesitates then he opens the window.

“Let me think about it for a bit then I’ll come back tomorrow with my answer,” he says and jumps out the window.

After he walks off, I close the window and think for a bit. I’ve only known him since I woke up about 10 minutes ago and it already feels like I’ve known him for 10 years. The other thing is, I think I love him.

The End

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