The Night's End

Tanya becomes confused when she wakes up part vampire lying beside a boy named Derek. Piper goes on a search for Tanya, not wanting to lose another friend. Margret has been posesed but no one seems to notice. When a devistating change affects the group, it's up to Piper and Isaac to make the most horrible desision of their lives.

The days after Tanya’s death were horrible. Her friends all stopped seeing each other so it’s hard to watch them all pass by each other without saying hi or anything. Oh, I’m sorry. This isn’t about them. This is about me and Piper. Since Tanya died, Piper stays as far away from me as possible. She doesn’t even sit beside me anymore.

“Cory. You there,” calls Amber.

“Huh? Oh ya. I was just thinking,” I tell her.

“Ok well pay attention. I was talking to you remember,” she says.

“Oh right.” What was she talking about?

She starts talking again, I don’t listen to her. Instead, I go into my room. Why am I thinking about Piper? It’s not like I like her or anything. Right? I flop on my bed and put my head in my hands. I sit like this until I fall asleep.


I wake up 8 hours later. Oh no. I have school in 10 minutes. I quickly get up and run to my bathroom. I quickly take a shower and change. When I’m done I look at my clock. Only 3 minutes to get to school. I run outside and get into my parents car. The keys. I forgot the keys. I run back inside and grab the keys from the key hook. I run back outside and into the car. When I start the car I look at the clock again. 1 minute. I quickly back out of the driveway and head for the school. So much for picking up Ash, I think. I drive by him as I’m heading towards the school. He glares at me. Suddenly I have a sharp pain in my head. I grab my head with both hands and lose control of the car. I grab for the steering wheel but the car smashes into another car and keeps going. I look all around my car to make sure I don’t hit anyone when suddenly my car comes to a complete stop. I hit my head off my dash board and black out


When I come to I’m still in my car. I run out of my car and look around. People are standing at the front of my car. I go over to them and look around. Isaac is standing there, in the middle of the circle, hunched over a figure. Oh god I hit someone. I run over and I’m suddenly pushed to the ground by huge paws. I look up to see a grey wolf standing over me, growling at me and the people around me. Everyone starts to back off and go inside.

What do you want, I hear in my head.


“Look. I lost control of my car. Whatever I did it was an accident. Wait, what did I do,” I ask.

She stares at me for a little longer then lets me go. I get up and go over to Isaac.

“Isaac, what’s wrong,” I ask him.

He stands up and looks at me with pure hatetred. He moves aside to revel what I did.

“Oh god,” I whisper to myself.

I’ve hit Piper. I look at my car and see 2 imprints in my car. One from Piper, one from Isaac’s hand. He must have tried to get her out of the way, I think to myself.

“What can I do to help,” I look up at Isaac.

“Why do you want to help,” asks an angry voice.

Great, Max is here.

“Look. I did this so if I did nothing, that wouldn’t be nice,” I say simply.

“Ok. Call an ambulance and check to make sure she’s still breathing,” says Lorel.

I bend down and check for a pulse. Yes, good there is one. I go into my pocket and get my cell phone out and call 911. 10 minutes later, an ambulance comes and picks up Piper, along with Isaac and me. Me and Isaac sit in the back with Piper. There is no doctor back here so I can talk to Isaac freely.

“Look Isaac, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit her. If anything you should blame Ash. He did something to make my head hurt so I lost control,” I say.

“Ya I know. Just let me ask you this. Why do you care about her so much,” he asks me without looking at me.

See this is a question I can’t answer.

“Truthfully, I don’t know why I care,” I say.

Isaac just stares at the floor. I look over at Piper.

You ok, I think to her.

Ya. I’m just in a lot of pain, she responds.

So when are you going to let Isaac know you’re awake, I ask.

Later. I want to talk to you, without him hearing, she says.

Ok, talk, I think.

I over herd you and Isaac talking. Why do you care so much, she asks.

I really don’t know. I was thinking about that last night and I have one thing in my head, I think.

And that one thing is, she asks.

I sigh. I think I love you, I say.

There’s a pause while she thinks this over then she says something.

Really? You love me, She asks.

Ya, might explain why I acted so weird when I first met you and why I wanted to be with you after Tanya died, I think.

Umm ya about Tanya, she says.

What about her, I ask.

She’s not dead.

I’m too shocked to even reply to her.

She told me about her condition about 2 days before she died and we both came up with a solution, change her, she thinks.

Change her? Into a vampire, I ask.

No a werewolf, yes a vampire, she says.

“Isaac, is my head bleeding,” I ask Isaac to change the subject.

“Ya it is. It’s bleeding pretty bad. I thought vampires couldn’t get hurt by anything besides wood,” he says to me.

“My mom’s car is a normal car but my dad’s car is made mostly of wood,” I say to him.

You’re hurt, I here Piper ask.

Ya but I’m more worried about you, I think.

Suddenly the ambulance pulls to a stop and I hear people rushing towards the back. The back opens and Piper is pulled away. A doctor takes me and Isaac into another room so we can wait to be examined.

Where’s Tanya?

The End

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