A Village in the Middle of No Where

Vendiq again laughed, causing Kye to glare at him even more fiercely with utter discontent.

"Vendiq, why don't you leave already?"

"Hahaha! Sure, sure. I hope to see you again soon, Kye."

"No offense, but I hope not. Goodbye."

A layer of fog suddenly engulfed the group as laughter once again filled the forest and it cleared in about 20 seconds. The spirit of water was gone, but the village remained. The gargoyle was already heading towards it, but Desmond did not move from his spot. Instead, he looked back and forth from Kye to the village.

"Did you do that?"

"The village? No. That village has always been there."

"How come we couldn't see it before though?" Mard was standing in a shallow puddle of mud, looked confused and shocked.

"Because I didn't want you to see it before." Kye's golden eyes bore into Mard's, daring him to ask anything about it. When he didn't answer, Kye turned around and followed the gargoyle. As she walked, though, her hair became short again and her body taller and leaner. Clothing changed into armor and cloak, and her bow and arrows into a sword. When Kye turned back around to motion for others to follow, his eyes were back to the deep green they first met him with.

The End

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