Unfulfilled Prophecies

Mard couldn't help but break into a small smile at Desmond's reaction to Kye's true form. His normally placid and emotionless face had twisted into a look of shock, his mouth seemed to hang a bit open as he stared into the golden eyes of Kye.

Desmond stared in disbelief at the goddess standing in front of him. A thousand thoughts were running through his mind at the moment. Why hadn't he seen this coming? Why had she helped them? Why did she make him feel uncomfortable? His mind suddenly drifted to an age old memory from a time too long ago to remember clearly. He recalled a desert market, vendors and stinking horses with humps. He also remembered a strange old gypsy who had 'foreseen' something that he had never taken quite seriously at the time.

Beware ranger! Your death will not come from a mortal's blade or a beasts talons! Nay it will be a goddess who will be your utter demise! Beware the golden eyed woman with two faces!

"A little tongue tied mortal?

Desmond's mouth snapped shut and averted his gaze from Kye's, instead looking up to blue eyed god of the rain. "It's nothing of your concern...but I thank you for putting out that fire."

The group, with the exception of Kye, covered their ears as the god let out a hearty laugh. Desmond let out a 'oomph' as the rain god slapped his back, almost knocking him to the ground. "No trouble halfing. I must say it has been quite a while since I've seen one of your kind walking the mainland. And seldom have I seen them group with a wizard, a gargoyle, a demon bonded and of course a goddess."

Desmond whipped around and eyed Toroth suspiciously before turning back to Vendiq and in turn Kye. She offered him a small, reassuring smile which he tried not to notice, instead taking a sudden interest in the location which Axel had fled. "Thank you again Vendiq. Now if you'll excuse us, we must be on our way."

"No can do pointy ears." Desmond looked back at the gargoyle and cringed. He stood over several soggy sacks of what had once been their supplies, including his pipe and tobacco. "We may need to restock sometime soon. Might I suggest that nearby town that has just conveniently placed itself way, way over there?"

"What are you-" Desmond stopped in mid sentence, staring in disbeleif at what seemed to be a tiny village in the distance.

"Was that there before?"


The End

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